May 31, 2120: The spaceship is out of radar range, there’s no connection, the system is out of control, all machines are failing, and the spaceship peregrinates with no direction. There’s smoke emerging. It is beginning to move aimlessly with no control. Joe endeavours to stop it, utilising all the implements, but the control panel doesn’t work, and he fails. Outer components of the spaceship start to fall off and catch fire.


Emma’s life was filled with hope. Both of them hold hands and pray. Glimpses of their lives flash in front of their eyes. Joe endeavours to convince Emma by reminding her of the emergency planes in the spaceship. They board it together and land in a strange place. They land in a weird place; it’s covered with dust. They emerge from the dust. They are both tensed to look at the peculiar people and land.


As Joe’s eyes opened, he realized they had been captured by a few individuals from another civilization. Joe and Emma were both surprised to discover that they were on Mars, and had been captured for a few days, which explained their hunger. The surreal feeling of being in such an unknown place intensified as they were relocated to a new and unfamiliar location with their eyes still folded.


People were treated brutally and threatened. Those people looked pale as if they hadn’t eaten in a few days. They were working with sultry resources, and their skin looked peeled off. They were forced to be relentless in extracting precious resources from the ground. Life on Mars was easy only for a few; others had to work very hard to keep everything in place.


Both of them didn’t even ask a single question throughout their journey. It took them an abundance of time to accept the fact that there was a whole civilization that humans on earth didn’t know about and that they were on Mars. They were technically the first to land on Mars from Earth. Though they were elated about that, they also noted the rigorous climatic conditions, lack of water, and resources needed for human survival. They were more intrigued by how people were living there despite the resources. They were blindfolded most of the time, so they didn’t authentically recall seeing people there. They imagined all kinds of possibilities for their survival there.


They were definitively presented in front of a few people when the blindfold was conclusively taken off. They had mixed feelings; they were ecstatic to be alive but were confounded about the place. They were questioned about their lives and identities. Joe and Emma told them everything valiantly. That’s when they discovered they were equally shocked to ascertain that life subsisted outside Mars. They were elated by their discovery as they were working on the subsistence of life beyond Mars.


None of their questions were answered. They were forced to work long hours. They lived a filthy life there. They were denied contact with the locals. After a few days, they somehow interacted with them and got acquainted with the fact that there was no parity and the consummate colony was ruled by a potent corporation. One part of society was forced to work brutally in life-threatening conditions, whereas people from the corporation lived luxuriously.


They learnt that it was very difficult, and the only way they could go back to earth was to revolt against the corporation and form an alliance with the locals. They interacted with the locals and gained their trust. It was a very difficult task, but they succeeded. The locals helped them with information and resources. They planned for many days. The circumstances that they would end up in were very critical; it was a do-or-die situation, but they had no other choice.


They started revolting against the corporation. With his skills and bravery, Joe becomes the face of the rebellion. While fighting, they also had to contend with the harsh Martian environment. The thin atmosphere and lack of water made survival difficult, and the pioneers were plagued by frequent dust storms and equipment failures. But despite these challenges, the pioneers continued to push forward, driven by their determination to break free from the corporation’s grip.


Joe and Emma played a major role in the revolt. They used their expertise and succeeded in cracking their security systems. The corporation fought with everything it had. Few were injured severely, but that didn’t stop them from revolting. The corporation used advanced equipment against the people, but they were relentless, and their determination helped them succeed in creating a democratic society on Mars. The corporation was crushed completely, and they formed a utopian society.


The locals helped Joe and Emma and sent them back. They were unsure if they’d reach Earth, but they wanted to go back even if there was a small possibility of them reaching Earth. Both of them were experienced, so they managed to make their way back anyway. The pioneers succeeded in creating a new future for themselves and their descendants. This bravery and determination exemplify the human spirit.

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