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** KMIT 2021-22 Batch : 2 students got selected for internship in Goldman Sachs with stipend of 75K per month (post pay package of 22.5LPA). **UGC Guidelines for Re-Opening the Universities and Colleges Post Lockdown due to COVID-19 Pandemic View PDF ** KMIT 2020-21 Batch Placements: 1 student got placed in Google with pay package of 31LPA **2 students got placed in Cisco with pay package of 14LPA **6 students got placed in Darwinbox with pay package of 8.4LPA

** COVID 19 ***Keep India at large safe***. The WHO lauded the Aarogya Setu mobile application for helping health departments to identify COVID-19 clusters . Kindly visit and install app ** KMIT 2020-21 Batch Placements: 9 students got selected in Amazon. Package: 30.5 LPA. Internship Stipend: 60000 per month. 3 students in ServiceNow. Package:21 LPA, Internship Stipend: 45000 per month.** 1 student got selected in Microsoft with a whopping salary package of 41.5 LPA. ** Very happy to share with you all that 12 students (as on 25th July, 2020) who were working as interns at Amazon got converted into FTEs. 100% conversions. ** Salary for SDE - 30 LPA (10 as SDEs) **Programmer Analyst - 12 LPA ( 2 as PA)** 1 student in Commvault with a salary package of 15 LPA. ** 4 students in Salesforce with a salary package of 12 LPA. ** 206 students from 2020 batch got selected in various companies with above 5 LPA. **

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