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**Webinar on Security and Privacy Issues in the World of Cryptocurrencies and Modern mobile Oses clickhere for poster. on 06th April 2024 . Organized by Departments of CSE & IT. Resource Person for the event is Dr. Ankit Gangwal.  ** Orientation Program 2023 is scheduled to take place on 29 August 2023. The Induction Program, for the newly admitted First Year Students, will begin from 30 August 2023.  **KMIT is pleased to announce that it was classified as Promising by Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievement (ARIIA). ** NBA has accredited CSE UG Program for 3 academic years 2021-22 to 2023-24. 

 **Proud to announce its new campus under the KMIT crown KMIT-Off campus @ Adibatla, Hyderabad, with intakes CSE-180, CSE(AIML)-120, IT-30 and CS&IT-30. **KMIT is proud to announce that Ms SreeLaya, an IT student of 2023 batch, bagged an international offer with Amazon, Dublin, for a pay package of 154,300 euros ( 1.2 cr rupees pa). We wish her all the best for her future    **Four project proposals by our students Nischal Singhi, Srinivas Yadav, Akash Konda, and P Sai Varshith were accepted by GSoC. Congratulations and best wishes to them.

Other Committees

A Grievance Redressal Committee was instituted in accordance with guidelines outlined by AICTEs and UGC.

Objectives :

To cultivate an approachable, answerable atmosphere amidst all stakeholders, thereby, creating a congenial, hospitable, sociable, serene, and harmonious educational atmosphere in the institute to prevent grievances.

Functions :

  • GRC strives for the self-esteem of the College by safe guarding frictionless amicable atmosphere relationship among the stakeholders.

  • Express fearlessly respective grievances; build confidence on the GRC of the institution among all stakeholders and especially amongst the student community, thus striving the learning to happen completely ragging free.

  • Provision for expressing anonymously. Complaint Boxes are placed at different places in the campus free from CCTV coverage.

S.NoName of the Member Designation
1Dr B L MalleswariChairperson
2Dr T V G SrideviConvener
3Dr S Naga SaradaMember
4Ms Sharmeela ChungiMember
5Ms SharadamaniMember
6Mr Giri BabuMember

The institution has formed an Anti-ragging committee to prevent the menace of ragging in accordance with UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009.

Functions :

  • To monitor and oversee the students in prevention of ragging in the institution.

  • It shall be the duty of the Anti-Ragging committee to be called upon to make surprise raids in vulnerable places in the campus to incidents of, and having the potential of, ragging and shall be empowered to inspect such places.

  • It shall also be the duty of the Anti-Ragging committee to conduct an on-the-spot enquiry into any incident of ragging referred to it by the Head of the institution / Faculty / Non-Teaching Staff / Any student / Any parent or guardian as the case may be; and the enquiry report along with recommendations shall be submitted to the Anti-Ragging Committee.

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Dr B L MalleswariPrincipalChairperson
2Dr G MaheshAssistant ProfessorConvener
3Mr U BalakrishnaAssistant ProfessorMember
4Ms Saritha GoneAssistant ProfessorMember
5Mr B Niranjan BabuAssistant ProfessorMember
6Mr A RavinderAssistant ProfessorMember
7Mr O Raghavendra PrasadAssistant ProfessorMember
8Mr Raja Satish KumarAssistant ProfessorMember

Functions :

  • Establish a nurturing environment that promotes communication.

  • Informing students of the roles and responsibilities of the mentor/student relationship.

  • Collaborate and provide consulting services that support the development and implementation of the program.

  • Provide educational research for the program.

  • Facilitate student achievement and personal growth through collaborative classroom guidance experiences.

  • Maintain an up-to-date Advising Portfolio, with a summary record of performance to date (grade reports, transcript, requirements completed, etc.), attendance reports, dates of conferences (meetings), up-to-date information and details of help sessions/tutoring/Remedial classes conducted to improve the performance of Advisees, etc

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Dr. T V G SrideviCSMConvener
2Dr. S.UdayalaxmiH&SMember
3Ms. Hima Bindu SreeCSEMember
4Ms. Saritha GoneH&SMember
5Mr. Karthikeya H MulayEIEStudent Member & Student Council President
6Mr. Sai Manish AvasaralaCSEStudent Member & Student Council Vice-President
7Mr. Ch.Snehith YadavITStudent Member & Student Council Treasurer
8Ms. Shreyasa LankalaCSEStudent Member & Student Council Secretary

Objectives :

  • Understand the community in which they work.

  • Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem-solving.

  • Develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility.

  • Develop capacity to meet emergencies and natural disasters.

Functions :

  • The committee aims at providing a variety of learning experiences which will develop a sense of participation, service and achievement among volunteers.

  • Making education more relevant to the present situation to meet the full needs of the committee.

  • Providing opportunities to the students to play their role in planning and executing projects especially in rural areas.

  • Developing the qualities of Leadership by discovering the meaning of latent potential of students.

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Dr. Mohd.RiyazuddinH&SConvener
2Mr. U.BalakrishnaH&SMember
3Dr. K SWAPNAH&SMember

The SC/ST Cell was established to support students from aforementioned communities. The college takes special interest in facilitating financial support to students from such communities from government agencies and other sources.

Functions :

  • To circulate State Government and UGC’s decisions about different scholarship programs.

  • To communicate with the students and motivate them for better future planning.

  • Loan library books specifically meant for SC/ST from the library.

  • Counsel them of any academic or psychological issues that may arise during academic study at KMIT.

  • The committee will meet twice every year to discuss any issues.

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Dr. K.RavinderCSDConvener
2Mr. V.A.Raghava RaoADMINMember
3Ms. B.HimabinduCSEMember
4Mr. K.RajeshCSEMember
5Mr. G GovardanITMember

The Women Empowerment Committee (WEC) was established at Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology in pursuance of the policies of women empowerment within the ambit of higher education. The management set up the WEC to address concerns of gender discrimination and recommend measures and policies for gender parity within the campus. The Academic Director nominates the members of WEC.

Functions :

  • To prevent sexual harassment within the campus.

  • To promote a secure environment for teaching, non-teaching women staff and female students.

  • Changing attitudes and community practices by encouraging active participation and involvement of both men and women.

  • Conduct various workshops/lectures/seminars to educate and sensitize both male and female members.

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Dr. M.SwapnaCSEConvener
2Ms. M V RamaH&SMember
3Ms. Shweta ParopkariH&SMember

In March 2021, WEC conducted a survey to assess workplace satisfaction for women faculty and staff at KMIT.

Functions :

  • To fulfill the directive of the Supreme Court, as per UGC directives in respect of implementing a policy against sexual harassment in the institution.

  • To evolve a mechanism for the prevention and redressal of sexual harassment cases and other acts of gender based violence in the institution.

  • To ensure the implementation of the policy in letter and spirit through proper reporting of the complaints and their follow-up procedures.

  • To provide an environment free of gender-based discrimination.

  • To ensure equal access of all facilities and participation in activities of the college.

  • To create a secure physical and social environment which will deter acts of sexual harassment.

  • To promote a social and psychological environment that will raise awareness about sexual harassment in its various forms.

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Dr. M.SwapnaCSEConvener
2Ms. M V RamaH&SMember
3Ms. Shweta ParopkariH&SMember

The main objective of the Professional Bodies Activities committee is to encourage faculty and students to take membership of various professional bodies such as CSI, IEEE , IETE etc. The Committee also ensures the smooth functioning of KMIT Chapters of various professional bodies the college is associated to.

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Dr. Ch.Sita KameswariCSMConvener
3Dr. Ajit JainCSEMember
4Mr. MadhukarCSEMember
6Dr.Ch Rathan KumarCSEMember
7Ms. Swarajya LakshmiITMember
8Ms. Asha SheldonCSMMember
9Mr. M ShankarCSEMember
10Ms.G LavanyaH&SMember
11Ms.N SurekhaH&SMember
12Ms. Saritha GoneH&SMember

Objective of Incubation Centre :

  • To promote a research hub facilitating multiple research centers covering heterogeneous research areas that ultimately lead to publications and ED.

  • To enhance the quality of quantitative research.

  • To amplify collaborative research with premier Institutions and Industries.

  • To involve students in research by vertical integration strategy.

  • To focus the research on open community problems.

  • To encourage registered researchers (Faculty and Students alike) to publish findings.

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Prof. Vinay PatankarDirectorConvenor
2Dr. R.Devika RubiCSECore Committee Member
3Dr. S.RajasekaranCSECore Committee Member
4Ms. Haleema BushraCSEMember
6Ms. Prabhavati DeviCSEMember
8Mr. B.Niranjan KumarH&SMember

The committee ensures timely publication of Results Analysis Report.

Functions :

  • Ensure that results of students are reported at college level, branch level and section level.

  • Subject wise analysis will also be taken up.

  • Based on the analysis report a review meeting is conducted and necessary measures to be taken will be informed to heads of the dept’s.

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Dr. B L MALLESWARIPrincipal, KMITChair-Person and Chief COE
2Dr. S UDAYALAXMIH&SController Of Examinations(COE)

The ever growing technology and the pace of innovation has created significant skills-gap; as such the students and teachers feel the need to refresh their knowledge, upgrade their skills and at times brush up their basic concepts. Self learning provides the platform to achieve these aspirations and stay relevant in the ever changing innovative world. Taking this into account the Self-Learning Committee was instituted so as to help facilitate, guide and monitor relevant activities for both Faculty and Students.

Functions :

  • Encourage Faculty members and students to enhance their technical skills through MOOCs such as Coursera, NPTEL, Udemy, Course-DevOps Master Class, Online Course through IIRS-ISRO E-CLASS Platform etc.

  • Encourage III year and IV year students to take NPTEL courses for credit transfer through SWAYAM platform as per the guidelines of UGC, AICTE and MHRD, Govt. of India to provide advanced learning and acquaintance in engineering & technology.

  • Encourage and motivate faculty and students to do Specialization certification Courses.

  • Encourage faculty to enroll and actively participate in FDPs/Workshops.

  • Faculty with less than 5yrs experience are encouraged to do the NITTT modules ((in accordance with AICTE Policies).

  • Faculty are encouraged to take up AICTE approved FDP based online courses on the SWAYAM portal.

  • Students are motivated to actively participate in Smart India Hackathon (SIH).

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Dr. M.AnuradhaCSEConvenor
2Mr. Charan SinghCSEMember
3Ms. HaleemaCSEMember
4Ms. B.HimabinduITMember
5Ms. RajithaECEMember
6Ms. Naga Sree SumaEIEMember
7Ms. Sharmeela ChungiH&SMember

This committee ensures that the faculty submits their respective course files as per the given deadline with the specified format. Moreover, the committee takes steps to see to it that the additional materials in terms of contents beyond syllabus and mini projects are approved by IQAC. The committee verifies contents of the course file prepared and updated by the faculty.

Functions :

  • To prepare time lines for evaluation of the course files.

  • To see that audit is conducted thrice a semester to evaluate the progress.

  • Studying the Academic rules framed by the university and incorporating them in preparation of formats.

  • To file and maintain the records of the audit report and submit the same to the IQAC Committee.

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Dr. B.KiranmaiCSEConvenor
1Mr. G. Rakesh ReddyITConvenor
2Ms. Athar FathimaCSEMember
3Ms. S Archana ReddyCSEMember
4Ms. Jamuna RaniCSEMember
5Mr. C VikasITMember
6Ms. Asha SheldonCSMMember
7Ms. P.C.GeethaH&SMember
8Ms. P.AparnaCSDMember

The committee monitors the feedback system that collects feedback from all stakeholders, namely, students, teachers, parents and alumni, once a year. The collective feedback are summarized and analyzed for the corrective measures and continuous improvements; the objective of feedback collection is to provide a framework for acquiring, summarizing and documenting information on the inputs received from all the stakeholders viz. students, faculty, alumni, employers and parents.

Functions :

  • To obtain objective opinion from the students about the effectiveness of the faculty and the facilities in the College.

  • To prepare formats.

  • For faculty feedback, achievement of course objectives, and infrastructure feedback.

  • To file and maintain the records of the audit report and submit the same to the IQAC Committee.

  • To set time lines as to when the feedback has to taken.

  • Send the feedback forms to departments for analysis and submit the report to college.

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Dr. J PramadaH&SIn-charge
2Dr. B SeshuH&SIn-charge

The intent of the lab committee is to impart education of the highest quality to the young minds, imbue them with specialized training, provide opportunities for innovation and research, and inspire them to be knowledgeable. The Lab Committee is responsible for equipment and work facilities in the research and teaching laboratories at the Institution. The Committee conducts the strategic planning and the daily operations of the department's facilities for education and research.

Functions :

  • To find out the requirements for consumables for the laboratory and procure the same, before the start of every term.

  • List of all the labs along with syllabus to be maintained.

  • To see that the infrastructure facilities in the labs are adequate so that each batch has ample opportunity to complete practical’s satisfactorily.

  • Stock / Maintenance / Invoice / Student In-Out registers should be checked during the periodic inspections.

  • Reports to be generated and submitted to the higher authorities.

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Dr. G NarenderITConvenor
2Mr. T Sunil KumarCSEMember
3Mr. D ChamplaCSEMember
4Ms. M NikithaCSEMember
5Mr. M NareshCSMMember
6Ms. G VanajaCSDMember
7Mr. G Rakesh ReddyCSEMember
8Ms. S.Rama LaxmiH&SMember

Training and Placements Committee provides the official support for placement of final year students. The support services offered are in the form of readying students for and arranging On-campus /Pool -Campus Drives. The Training and Placement Committee members are the official coordinators for campus placement in KMIT. The enthusiastic placements team strives for effectively striking a match between recruiter expectations and student aspirations. The Placement Office handles all training and placement oriented aspects in the institute.

Functions :

  • Enrolment of students.

  • Training the students.

  • Informing to do the Certifications in trained Field.

  • Preparing the students for attending Interviews.

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Mr. D.Sudheer ReddyT&P CellConvenor
2Mr. Rajendra TapadiaConsultant TrainerMember
3Mr. B.SatyanarayanaCSEMember
4Mr. Krishna SubramanyamCSEMember
5Mr. Srinivas ReddyH&SMember
6Ms. Shweta ParopkariH&SMember
7Mr. Raja SatishEIEMember
8Mr. J.Kamal VijethaECEMember

KMIT ‘s success is truly associated with the success of its Alumni. The KMIT Alumni Association aims to seamlessly connect with the institute, faculty, students and our associated alumni. Life members can access the KMITIANS database for their benefit. All the Alumni are welcome to participate in value addition programs for the benefit of present students and the institute as a whole.

The following are the Alumni committee members(Faculty) from various departments:

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Ms. N SurekhaH&SConvener
2Ms. M.V.RamaH&SMember
3Mr. Ch NagarajH&SMember

The Central Library began its existence in 2007. It is centrally located in the campus. It is surrounded by academic classrooms, laboratories, workshops, placement wing and sports grounds. It is divided into different sections like Stack area, Reading room, Reference and periodical Sections, Circulation, Digital library and Reprographic Section.

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Mr. L.Sai KiranLibraryLibrarian
2Mr. K RajeshCSEMember
3Mr. MaisaiahCSEMember
4Ms. M.NikithaITMember
5Ms. B.Sandya ReddyH&SMember

The vision of the sports committee is to organize training, coaching and education in sports for everybody so that they can learn to keep themselves physically fit. The Committee aims at enhancing the interest of the participants in the field of sports. To achieve the same the committee plans to organize various competitions in the following sports: Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Table tennis, Chess, Badminton.

Functions :

  • Give a proposal and events calendar every semester.

  • All the permissions and grants provided from college to students and coaches.

  • Award and document participation certificates and winners’ photographs.

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Mr. A RavinderCSDConvenor
2Mr. Lakshmi NarayananNon-TeachingMember
3Mr. PJ JosephNon-TeachingMember
2Mr. SailajaNon-TeachingMember
4Mr. N.MaisaiahCSEMember

All extracurricular activities on campus are handled by the campus Student Council and various clubs instituted under it.

For more details about the Student Council and the clubs, Click here

The Purchase & Stores Committee was established to review and evaluate purchasing documentation. The committee recommends the suppliers and service providers by evaluating price, quality, stock availability, etc.

Functions :

  • To scrutinise the quotations for purchase and provide recommendations.

  • To ensure proper documentation of the purchase.

  • To ensure quality, fairness, transparency and accountability in purchasing.

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Mr. S NitinManagementConvenor
2Ms. Nivedita RajurkarAdministrationCo-ordinator
3Mr. Satish KumarAccountsMember
4Dr T Sunil KumarCSEMember
5Ms. K.PriyankaCSEMember

Objectives :

  • Maintenance of physical property and facilities in the campus.

  • Regular maintenance of the conditions of infrastructure and other equipments of the college.

  • Review of the maintenance of campus building ground, utilities and other access points.

  • Preventive maintenance like fire extinguishers.

  • Monitoring routine cleanliness and neatness of the campus.

  • Maintenance of RO system.

Responsibilities :

  • To inspect the college utilities like R.O.plant, lift, water quality etc.,

  • To inspect electric items like printers, Xerox machines, access points, etc

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Mr. K.Anil KumarCSDConvenor
2Mr. Ch.JanardhanH&SMember
3Ms. MadhurikaCSEMember
4Mr. G.SureshCSEMember
5Mr. C.VikasITMember
6Mr. KishoreNon-teachingHardware-in-Charge
7Mr. Surender ReddyNon-teachingSupervisor
8Mr. Jagdeesh ReddyNon-teachingSupervisor

Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) is a flagship programme of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, with the intention to enrich Rural India. The knowledge base and resources of the Premier Institutions of the country are to be leveraged to bring in transformational change in the rural development process. Under Unnat Bharat Abhiyan 2.0, the institutions are selected in a Challenge Mode and the scheme has been extended to 750 reputed Higher Educational Institutes (both public and private) of the country.

Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology is one such Educational institution situated at Hyderabad, which has been selected from Telangana State. Faculty and students of our college are more enthusiastic and will be encouraged to be re-oriented and connected to the rural realities so that their learning and research work also becomes more relevant to the society.

S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Mr. A LaxminarasimharaoH&SConvenor
2Mr. Sateesh RavuriH&SMember
3Mr. G K SrinivasH&SMember
4Ms. K.PriyankaCSEMember
5Mr. M RajeshCSEMember
S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Dr B L MalleswariPrincipalChairperson
2Dr Udaya LaxmiAssistant ProfessorConvener
3Dr M AnuradhaAssistant ProfessorMember
4Ms Sandhya RedyAssistant ProfessorMember
5Ms Gattu LavanyaAssistant ProfessorMember
6Ms Priyanka SaxenaAssistant ProfessorMember
7Ms Shweta ParopkariAssistant ProfessorMember
S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Dr B L MalleswariPrincipalChairperson
2Dr NarenderAssociate ProfessorConvener
3Mr A RavinderAssistant ProfessorMember
4Mr B Niranjan BabuAssistant ProfessorMember
5Mr Para UpenderAssistant ProfessorMember
S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Mr Ravinder AmgothAssistant ProfessorConvener
2Mr RaghavaNon-teaching StaffMember
3Mr GoverdhanAssistant ProfessorMember
4Ms Lavanya GattuAssistant ProfessorMember
5Mr M ShankerAssistant ProfessorMember
6Mr B SrinuAssistant ProfessorMember
7Mr K RajeshAssistant ProfessorMember
8Mr T VamsidharAssistant ProfessorMember
S.NoName of the Member Department Designation
1Dr T SuneetiH & SConvener
2Ms. B Sandhya ReddyH & SMember
3Ms G LavanyaH & SMember
4Mr A Surya PrakashH & SMember
5Mr S SreenuCSE-AIMLMember