keshav memorial institute of technology

An Autonomous Institution - Accredited by NAAC with 'A' Grade
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**KMIT  is proud to announce it's third college Keshav Memorial Engineering college @NGIT campus Uppal, CSE - 180, CSE AIML - 120 (EAMCET code KMEC) **Four project proposals by our students Nischal Singhi, Srinivas Yadav, Akash Konda, and P Sai Varshith were accepted by GSoC. Congratulations and best wishes to them. To know more about GSOC click here ** Workplace Satisfaction Survey for Women at KMIT : 2021. View Report ** In view of opening of colleges, Students and Parents are requested to sign and submit a declaration form. Please find form click here.  **UGC Guidelines for Re-Opening the Universities and Colleges Post Lockdown due to COVID-19 Pandemic View PDF 

 **KMIT KR20 B.Tech I Year II Sem Hall Tickets, Please Click here to Download.**Glad to inform you all that our CSE student (Haripriya Reddy) got an international offer, she got selected in Amazon-Berlin with a whopping offer  of 107000 euros per annum((93-LPA).. ** KMIT 2021-22 Batch : 2 students got selected for internship in Goldman Sachs with stipend of 75K per month (post pay package of 22.5LPA) ** KMIT 2020-21 Batch Placements: 1 student got placed in Google with pay package of 31LPA **2 students got placed in Cisco with pay package of 14LPA

Endowment Awards

S.NoRoll NumberName of the StudentAward NameAward For
115BD1A0440PERI VENKATA GAYATHRMaharishi Dayanand SaraswatiCollege Topper
215BD1A0440PERI VENKATA GAYATHRIKeshava Rao KoratkarECE A Topper
315BD1A0485KONGARA SANTHOSHIKeshava Rao KoratkarECE B Topper
415BD1A050NS P ANUSHAVinayak Rao Vidyalankar KoratkarCSE A Topper
515BD1A0531MYSORE MANASWINIVinayak Rao Vidyalankar KoratkarCSE B Topper
615BD1A054UCHAMARTHI SIRISHAVinayak Rao Vidyalankar KoratkarCSE C Topper
715BD1A056ZSHAIK SIMRANVinayak Rao Vidyalankar KoratkarCSE D Topper
815BD1A0591PANDALA JAHANAVIVinayak Rao Vidyalankar KoratkarCSE E Topper
915BD1A05ACGOLANAKONDA SRIKANTHVinayak Rao Vidyalankar KoratkarCSE F Topper
1015BD1A05D9PRATHYUSHA GANGAPURAMVinayak Rao Vidyalankar KoratkarCSE G Topper
1115BD1A1244NAVYA TUBATINarayan Rao PawarIT Topper
1215BD1A1035LIKKY NITISHAJustice Gopal Rao EkboteEIE Topper
1315BD1A058JMEETA KAPOORSmt. Jayashree GogteBest Girl Student
1415BD1A0555EVANA LAXMI PRIYADr. Pandit Rao PalnitkarBest Outgoing Student
1515BD1A05DNAZAMUDDIN ANSARIHari Hara SharmaBest Orator
S.NoRollNumberName of the StudentAward NameAward For
114BD1A1049PRIYANKA MODANIMaharishi Dayanand SaraswatiCollege Topper
214BD1A0406BACHU ABHILASHKeshava Rao KoratkarECE 1st Rank
314BD1A0452S BHARAT BUSHANKeshava Rao KoratkarECE 2nd Rank
414BD1A0455TAKKELLAPATI YAMITHA SURYAKeshava Rao KoratkarECE 2nd Rank
514BD1A05BVSAGAR VARMAVinayak Rao Vidyalankar KoratkarCSE 1st Rank
614BD1A058TMUNJULURU VAISHNAVIVinayak Rao Vidyalankar KoratkarCSE 2nd Rank
714BD1A058TMUNJULURU VAISHNAVIVinayak Rao Vidyalankar KoratkarCSE 3rd Rank
814BD1A1206AMRUTHA VALLI SALIKENarayan Rao PawarIT 1st Rank
914BD1A1201A C SHREYA DEVINarayan Rao PawarIT 2nd Rank
1014BD1A1203AITHA ABHISARIKANarayan Rao PawarIT 3rd Rank
1114BD1A1049PRIYANKA MODANIJustice Gopal Rao EkboteEIE 1st Rank
1214BD1A1026KASOJU RASHMIJustice Gopal Rao EkboteEIE 2nd Rank
1314BD1A1001A LAXMI PRASANNAJustice Gopal Rao EkboteEIE 3rd Rank
1414BD1A052QMALLAM SRIPOOJASmt. Jayashree GogteBest Girl Student
1514BD1A052SMANISHA RAODr. Pandit Rao PalnitkarBest Outgoing Student
1614BD1A0521AURANGABADKAR MOHAKHari Hara SharmaBest Orator
S.NoRollNumberName of the StudentAwardNameAwardFor
113BD1A0432M CHANDRA SHEKARMaharishi Dayanand SaraswatiCollege Topper
213BD1A0432M CHANDRA SHEKARKeshava Rao KoratkarECE 1st Rank
313BD1A0409C VIMALKeshava Rao KoratkarECE 2nd Rank
413BD1A0451TANUSHREE CHUNGIKeshava Rao KoratkarECE 3rd Rank
513BD1A0516GANNU SAIMATHAVinayak Rao Vidyalankar KoratkarCSE 1st Rank
613BD1A0517GUNDALA PRAVEENAVinayak Rao Vidyalankar KoratkarCSE 2nd Rank
713BD1A0502AKANKSHA BODHANKARVinayak Rao Vidyalankar KoratkarCSE 3rd Rank
813BD1A1232A NIYATI SHAHNarayan Rao PawarIT 1st Rank
713BD1A1226MANDAVALLI DURGA LAVANYANarayan Rao PawarIT 2nd Rank
813BD1A1211DODLAPATI SHAILAJANarayan Rao PawarIT 3rd Rank
913BD1A1003ANIRUDH NYALKALKARJustice Gopal Rao EkboteEIE 1st Rank
1013BD1A1004AVASARALA SAI SRUTI BALAJustice Gopal Rao EkboteEIE 2nd Rank
1113BD1A1026LAKSHMI LAHARI DUVVURIJustice Gopal Rao EkboteEIE 3rd Rank
1213BD1A0502AKANKSHA BODHANKARSmt. Jayashree GogteBest Girl Student
1313BD1A0560YADDANAPUDI SRI DIVYADr. Pandit Rao PalnitkarBest Outgoing Student
1413BD1A1238PRAHARSHITA KRISHNAHari Hara SharmaBest Orator