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**Webinar on Security and Privacy Issues in the World of Cryptocurrencies and Modern mobile Oses clickhere for poster. on 06th April 2024 . Organized by Departments of CSE & IT. Resource Person for the event is Dr. Ankit Gangwal.  ** Orientation Program 2023 is scheduled to take place on 29 August 2023. The Induction Program, for the newly admitted First Year Students, will begin from 30 August 2023.  **KMIT is pleased to announce that it was classified as Promising by Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievement (ARIIA). ** NBA has accredited CSE UG Program for 3 academic years 2021-22 to 2023-24. 

 **Proud to announce its new campus under the KMIT crown KMIT-Off campus @ Adibatla, Hyderabad, with intakes CSE-180, CSE(AIML)-120, IT-30 and CS&IT-30. **KMIT is proud to announce that Ms SreeLaya, an IT student of 2023 batch, bagged an international offer with Amazon, Dublin, for a pay package of 154,300 euros ( 1.2 cr rupees pa). We wish her all the best for her future    **Four project proposals by our students Nischal Singhi, Srinivas Yadav, Akash Konda, and P Sai Varshith were accepted by GSoC. Congratulations and best wishes to them.

KMIT Publication Policy


To be a premier Engineering R&D institution in the region by 2023.

Mission in 2020-21:

Minimum 3 Funded Projects and 25 Research Publications (Peer-Reviewed journals, UGC journals)

Procedural Objectives:
S.No Objective
1 1. All the faculties (both doctorates and non-doctorates) are encouraged to execute the research and publish minimum twoor more publications in a year.
2 2. Either as an individual (minimum two publications per year) or group of max 3 members (Six publications per year for a group).
3 3. All the doctorates/Subject Experts (selected by the HOD) in the dept should be the reviewers of the publication meetings scheduled by the dept.
4 4. Each publication will carry 20% (Max two publications) in the faculties’ API (Academic Performance Indicator) towards their annual performance review, subject to following conditions.
5 5. Each publication will get reimbursement of 25-100% of publication charges with the cap of Rs.50,000, based on quality of journal.
6 6. Management encourages to associate the students for the implementation of the publication, so that the research skill is imparted on to the students.
7 7. If the students are included, they should be rewarded by adding their names in the publication.
8 Ensure that your publication has "Author’s institution affiliation as Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology".
9 For the publications from the funded projects will be fully reimbursed from the funding.
10 After the publication, each faculty need to share the following publication details, Title, Journal Name, period of publication, ISBN/DOI to the respective publication coordinator for the college records
Suggested Execution strategy


Each department should schedule and conduct three Publication Review Meetings (PRMs) by the Dept Doctorates, Subject Experts and HODs in every six months, or as needed.

Each faculty/group should share a research execution workplan (a work sheet) with following information at the First PRM to the department publication coordinator

  1. Name of the Research Domain
  2. Short Description of the proposed problem
  3. SW/Technologies used in implementation/research
  4. Expected date to publish the paper
  5. Planned SCI/Scopus/UGC Listed Journal Name
  6. Work Plan Status Report Dates (Min 3 dates)
  7. Required number of students and their skillset/interest
  8. Any other resource required....
  9. Remarks
3 PRMs must ensure publication progress, status in line with the published workplan of the respective department.
4 All the documents, including PRM schedules, publication workplans, PRM Evaluation and publication details, along with other relation publication documentation at various stages, like periodic progress reports etc are fed in properly and regularly in college documentation system by the respective department publication coordinators
5 Authors should ensure that the journals are listed in the UGC list as on that date. Authors should take a screenshot of UGC listing of the said journal as on that date for the statutory compliance and share the screenshot with date, to publication coordinators of respective department
6 Management will provide support for implementation, converting to project, fund/grant writing, patent, productization of your project with primary ownership, principal investigatorship to the respective owner.
7 Management encourages each group/faculty to apply for external funding (Eg. DBT, UGC, ICMR, SERB, DST and Private funding agencies etc) to develop application projects based on their publications
8 Management will happily provide college incubation centre for the product/project development during project/product initiation.
9 Request all the faculties to contact the following faculties, who are the R&D, Publication Committee members for their concerns, queries and suggestions.
  1. Mr.Vinay Patankar
  2. Dr.Rajasekaran Subramanian
  3. Dr.R.Devika Rubi