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**Webinar on Security and Privacy Issues in the World of Cryptocurrencies and Modern mobile Oses clickhere for poster. on 06th April 2024 . Organized by Departments of CSE & IT. Resource Person for the event is Dr. Ankit Gangwal.  ** Orientation Program 2023 is scheduled to take place on 29 August 2023. The Induction Program, for the newly admitted First Year Students, will begin from 30 August 2023.  **KMIT is pleased to announce that it was classified as Promising by Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievement (ARIIA). ** NBA has accredited CSE UG Program for 3 academic years 2021-22 to 2023-24. 

 **Proud to announce its new campus under the KMIT crown KMIT-Off campus @ Adibatla, Hyderabad, with intakes CSE-180, CSE(AIML)-120, IT-30 and CS&IT-30. **KMIT is proud to announce that Ms SreeLaya, an IT student of 2023 batch, bagged an international offer with Amazon, Dublin, for a pay package of 154,300 euros ( 1.2 cr rupees pa). We wish her all the best for her future    **Four project proposals by our students Nischal Singhi, Srinivas Yadav, Akash Konda, and P Sai Varshith were accepted by GSoC. Congratulations and best wishes to them.

Institution Innovation Council (IIC)

74% of tech companies plan to recruit college graduates to meet the engineering and information technology needs of the organization. Tech companies continue to rely on universities to build most-sought-after skills and the fresh perspective they bring to the workforce.

The IIC aims at transforming the traditional methods of campus recruitment and internship model to meet the talent needs and devise an approach that provides exposure to applying technology to real-life problems.

Functions :

  • Continuous education focusing on talent need.

  • Long-term strategic alliance with focus on Non-linear, recursive engagement.

  • Build talent to solve business problem.

  • Develop a talent pipeline that can hit the ground running.

  • Promote academic entrepreneurship.

  • Be part of a “social-contract” for sustained employment generation.

  • Enable national goals for digitization and digital governance.

  • Deepen Emerging Tech capabilities.

  • Move-up the value chain - cost play to innovation & investment centres.

S NoName of the MemberDepartmentDesignation
1Dr. JVS SrinivasFacultyVice President
2Ms. Ch. Sita KameshwariFacultyConvenor
3Ms. G. LavanyaFacultySocial Media Coordinator
4Ms. Asha SheldonFacultyIPR Activity and Start up Activity Coordinator
5Mr. Sudheer ReddyFacultyInternship Activity Coordinator
6Mr. Vinay PatankarFacultyMember
7Ms. M ShailajaFacultyMember
8Mr. Rakesh ReddyFacultyMember
9Mr. Rajendra TapadiaFacultyIncubation Centre
10Mr. V. RamalingeswarExpertBank
11Mr. C. Pavan KumarExpertexpert from nearby industry
12Ms. Priyanka SaxenaExpertMember
13Dr. K. ShyamalaExpertrepresentative from nearby incubation centre
S.NoDate(s)Event/Workshop/TrainingIn collaboration withDetails
1From 03/29/2023 To 03/29/2023Level 3 - Competition/Hacakthon : Entrepreneurship & StartupIIC Calender Activitya unique opportunity for higher institutional Students and Start-ups in India to submit their innova
2From 05-11-2023 To 05-11-2023Level 1 - Expert Talk : IPR & Technology TransferMIC Drivengovernment agencies and ministries which will see more than 500 technology start-ups and innovations
3From 08/21/2023 To 08/21/2023Level 2 - Seminar : Entrepreneurship & StartupCelebrationfocused on creating awareness on need of Entrepreneurs and importance of entrepreneurship in todayýýý
4From 04/26/2023 To 04/26/2023Level 2 - Seminar : IPR & Technology TransferCelebrationcreating awareness and understanding the important role that intellectual Property rights play in pr
5From 06/19/2023 To 06/19/2023Level 2 - Seminar : Innovation & Design ThinkingIIC Calender Activityto announce the launch of the KMTES Innovation Centre in collaboration with Telangana Hub (T-HUB) le
6From 08-05-2023 To 08-05-2023Level 3 - Demo Day : Innovation & Design ThinkingIIC Calender Activityshowcasing talent in the realm of Python Programming,and other basic science subjects
7From 07/15/2023 To 07/15/2023Level 1 - Expert Talk : Innovation & Design ThinkingSelf Drivento help you master the art of writing research papers and reports.
8From 07-01-2023 To 07/15/2023Level 3 - Competition : Innovation & Design ThinkingSelf Drivento conduct competition amoung students to test their capability
9From 02/23/2023 To 06/24/2023Level 2 - Exposure Visit : Innovation & Design ThinkingIIC Calender Activityto create awareness among school children regarding AI and career guidance
10From 03-09-2023 To 03-09-2023Level 2 - Competition : Innovation & Design ThinkingCelebrationCelebrating Womens day as a part of IIC Celebration Activity
11From 07/29/2023 To 07/29/2023Level 2 - Workshop : IPR & Technology TransferIIC Calender Activity- Giving broad idea about IPR and IT management for startup and its importance
12From 08-04-2023 To 08-04-2023Level 2 - Seminar : IPR & Technology TransferSelf Drivendiscussed on unleashing Artificial creativity with ChatGPT - From Inception to innovation
13From 01-12-2023 To 01-12-2023Level 1 - Expert Talk : Entrepreneurship & StartupCelebrationencouraging students to think about developing innovative solutions .
14From 01/30/2023 To 01/30/2023Level 1 - Expert Talk : Innovation & Design ThinkingMIC Drivensupport from AICTE for Innovation andEnterprunership
15From 04/13/2023 To 04/13/2023Level 1 - Exposure Visit : Entrepreneurship & StartupIIC Calender Activitystudents know things practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices
16From 02/28/2023 To 02/28/2023Level 2 - Seminar : Innovation & Design ThinkingCelebrationcommomerated in the honor of Sir CV Raman for his legacy who discovered Roman Effect
17From 02-08-2023 To 02-09-2023Level 3 - Competition : Innovation & Design ThinkingIIC Calender Activityto encourage students to comeout with new ideas
18From 02/24/2023 To 02/24/2023Level 1 - Expert Talk : Innovation & Design ThinkingIIC Calender Activityunderstanding Process of Innovation Development, Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Commercialization
19From 11-01-2022 To 11-07-2022Level 2 - Workshop : Pre-Incubation & Incubation ManagementIIC Calender Activitymajor goal of this workshop is to assess students' comprehension levels
20From 11-11-2022 To 11-11-2022Level 2 - Seminar : IPR & Technology TransferCelebrationImportance of Education
21From 10/15/2022 To 10/15/2022Level 2 - Seminar : Innovation & Design ThinkingCelebrationcreate thoghts on innovation in students
22From 10-01-2022 To 10-01-2022Level 1 - Expert Talk : IPR & Technology TransferMIC Drivento create awareness in students regarding 5G services
23From 12-02-2022 To 12-02-2022Level 2 - Workshop : Entrepreneurship & StartupIIC Calender Activityto motivate students to think towards entrepreneurship
24From 09/27/2022 To 09/27/2022Level 2 - Workshop : Innovation & Design ThinkingIIC Calender Activityto inculcate interpersonal skills and creative thinking among students
25From 09-02-2022 To 09-02-2022Level 2 - Seminar : Innovation & Design ThinkingIIC Calender Activityto motivate students towards innovations
26From 13-08-2022 To 31-08-2022Level 4 : InnovationMIC Driven
27From 10-01-2022 To 10-01-2022Level 2 - Seminar : Entrepreneurship & StartupCelebrationto motivate students to show interest in startups
281 Jan 2021 - 31 Dec 2021Internship under the guidance of Dr K Anandha NarayanDRDLCollaborative research, training, and internship opportunities for selected students in the area of CFD.
292020 - presentAI at the EdgeDRDOGPU CUDA Programming and hands-on training with nVIDIA Jetson Nano Embedded hardware
3025 June 2020 - 25 September 2020Crime Free BharatMP PoliceCollaborative research and internship opportunities for selected students
313/13/2020WebinarNovartisPresentation given to Novartis on implementation of image detection for cancer diagnosis.
323/15/2020LectureGinosA guest lecture on SDN/NFV by Mr Saravanan Velrajan of Ginkos India
332/5/2020Project showcase and panel discussionsVerizonA project showcase, interaction with students, and panel discussion with Verizon
342/13/2020SamparkVerizonFireside chat with Verizon team and KMIT students on Cloud Computing
352018 - presentRobotic Process Automation (RPA)VirtusaCollaborative training with the industry for customized workforce development
362017 - presentAdobe analyticsVirtusaCollaborative training with the industry for customized workforce development
372016 - presentData ScienceVirtusa Collaborative training with the industry for customized workforce development
382016 - presentAEMSVirtusaCollaborative training with the industry for customized workforce development
392014 - 2019Employability & Skill Development Program (ESD)ZensarCollaborative training with the industry for customized workforce development
402018 - 19Open StackPersistent SystemsCollaborative training with the industry for customized workforce development
412017 - 2019SalesforcePersistent SystemsCollaborative training with the industry for customized workforce development
422017 - 2018Training on TestingZensarCollaborative training with the industry for customized workforce development
432012 - 2017Oracle AppsZensarCollaborative training with the industry for customized workforce development
442016 - 18SalesforceZensarCollaborative training with the industry for customized workforce development
452016 - 17DotNetInrythm SolutionsCollaborative training with the industry for customized workforce development

About :

21 Skills for 21st Century is KMIT's latest training program (conceptualised and managed by Shweta Paropkari) for it's Finishing School. The aim of the program is prepare students for a campus to corporate transition and prepare them for a global workplace. The 21 sessions listed cover skills needed to crack interviews and develop skill set required for the 21st Century workplace.

The Training :

The entire project (with the exception of the session on Cover Letters) was outsourced to Business Communication Facilitators' Association of India. They're a professional body of Business Communication and Soft Skills trainers and will be bringing in industry experts for each of the listed topic.

Logistics :

The training took place over a period of 8 weeks with the sessions being conducted on Fridays and Saturdays over Zoom. Studentswere required to register (first - come-first-serve basis) for the sessions and those who attended all 21 sessions will be awarded a certificate. The first session was held on 11th March 2022 and the last on 29 April 2022.

Schedule :

1Personal Brand as a DifferentiatorLalitha Murthy11-Mar-22
2Resume WritingMushtakhusen S.M12-Mar-22
3Presentation SkillsLalitha Murthy12-Mar-22
4eMail EtiquetteJaysree Menon17-Mar-22
5Active ListeningDolon Gupta24-Mar-22
6Effective MeetingsJaysree Menon25-Mar-22
7Collaborative SkillsRevathi Vishwanathan25-Mar-22
8Power DressingJaicy7-Apr-22
9Interview EtiquetteAlaknanda Sen8-Apr-22
10Answering Interview QuestionsTriparni Biswas9-Apr-22
11Cross Cultural CommunicationYulia Shtaltovna9-Apr-22
12Critical ThinkingIshita Ray15-Apr-22
13Emotional IntelligenceSulagna Das15-Apr-22
14Negotiation Dr Ritu Pareek16-Apr-22
15Creative ThinkingSujata Banarjee16-Apr-22
16Virtual PresenceMushtakhusen S.M22-Apr-22
17Problem SolvingIshita Ray22-Apr-22
18People ManagementArchana Parmar23-Apr-22
19Digital LiteracyDr Manisha Anand Patil23-Apr-22
20Information LiteracyDolon Gupta29-Apr-22
21Writing Effective Cover Letters in emailsShweta Paropkari (KMIT)29-Apr-22