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**Webinar on Security and Privacy Issues in the World of Cryptocurrencies and Modern mobile Oses clickhere for poster. on 06th April 2024 . Organized by Departments of CSE & IT. Resource Person for the event is Dr. Ankit Gangwal.  ** Orientation Program 2023 is scheduled to take place on 29 August 2023. The Induction Program, for the newly admitted First Year Students, will begin from 30 August 2023.  **KMIT is pleased to announce that it was classified as Promising by Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievement (ARIIA). ** NBA has accredited CSE UG Program for 3 academic years 2021-22 to 2023-24. 

 **Proud to announce its new campus under the KMIT crown KMIT-Off campus @ Adibatla, Hyderabad, with intakes CSE-180, CSE(AIML)-120, IT-30 and CS&IT-30. **KMIT is proud to announce that Ms SreeLaya, an IT student of 2023 batch, bagged an international offer with Amazon, Dublin, for a pay package of 154,300 euros ( 1.2 cr rupees pa). We wish her all the best for her future    **Four project proposals by our students Nischal Singhi, Srinivas Yadav, Akash Konda, and P Sai Varshith were accepted by GSoC. Congratulations and best wishes to them.



Arjuna is a weekly coding competition, conducted for KMIT students(1st to 3rd years) . These sessions are conducted every Sunday. Winners will get cash prizes per week based on internal assessment followed by a one on one interview .

  • Three coding activities per Arjuna session (Sunday).

  • Solutions of previous session will be discussed in Java every Arjuna session.

  • At the end of the session new activities will be started for next session.

  • Top 2 students(winners) from each Year of KMIT will get weekly cash prizes.

  • Winners will be decided based on fastest submission time.

Arjuna Winners
Student Name Roll Number Date Week
MUTYALA SAI SANDEEP 17bd1a0516 14-03-2018 Week-1
EVENA RAVI TEJA KMIT 16bd1a0543 14-03-2018 Week-1
ANUNAY AATIPAMULA KMIT 15bd1a0549 14-03-2018 Week-1
BOINAPALLI VISHAL KMIT 15bd1a054h 18-03-2018 Week-2
SWETHA GUPTHA KMIT 16bd1a05c4 18-03-2018 Week-2
BHARATHI RAMANA JOSHI 17bd1a0527 18-03-2018 Week-2
DEVULAPALLI SUMAN 17bd1a050h 21-03-2018 Week-3
DANTHALA MANEESH KUMAR KMIT 15bd1a054y 21-03-2018 Week-3
RAYABHARAPU VYSHNAVI KMIT 16bd1a05at 21-03-2018 Week-3
SRIPADA SAI SHARAN 17bd1a053l 25-03-2018 Week-4
CHIGURUPATI CHANDRA SEKAR KMIT 16bd1a0533 25-03-2018 Week-4
EVENA LAKSHMI PRIYA KMIT 15bd1a0555 25-03-2018 Week-4
HITESH GOYAL 17bd1a050n 15-07-2018 Week-5
P CHANDANA KMIT 16bd1a059b 15-07-2018 Week-5
NIHITH REDDY REGATTE KMIT 16bd1a0596 15-07-2018 Week-5
RAYABHARAPU VYSHNAVI KMIT 16bd1a05at 29-07-2018 Week-7
DARJILLA HARIPRIYA REDDY 17bd1a054c 29-07-2018 Week-7
KANNEGANTI SAI ROHITH 17bd1a050t 29-07-2018 Week-7
MUTYALA SAI SANDEEP 17bd1a0516 12-08-2018 Week-8
RAASI MARRIVAGU KMIT 16bd1a05aj 12-08-2018 Week-8
NAMPALLY THARUN KAUSHAL KMIT 16bd1a0594 12-08-2018 Week-8
PINGALI RAGHAVENDRA SURAJ 17bd1a051a 12-08-2018 Week-8
SWATHI GUPTHA 17bd1a057q 19-08-2018 Week-9
SWETHA GUPTHA KMIT 16bd1a05c4 19-08-2018 Week-9
RENUKUNTA MOUNIKA KMIT 16bd1a05ad 16-09-2018 Week-10
AGARWAL DIVYANSH 17bd1a050a 16-09-2018 Week-10
ABHISHEK YELISETTI 17bd1a0507 16-09-2018 Week-10
HITESH GOYAL 17bd1a050n 30-09-2018 Week-11
N SHARAT CHANDRA 17bd1a0517 30-09-2018 Week-11
EVENA RAVI TEJA KMIT 16bd1a0543 30-09-2018 Week-11
GANDE SHAILESH KUMAR KMIT 16bd1a054h 30-09-2018 Week-11
NIMISHA SANJAY KUMAR KMIT 16bd1a0598 07-10-2018 Week-12
MADDELA SAIRAM KMIT 17bd5a0508 07-10-2018 Week-12
G S SANKEETH YADAV 17bd1a054e 07-10-2018 Week-12
KODAKANDLA ACHARYA TARUN 17bd1a054u 07-10-2018 Week-12
SWETA VOODA 18bd1a1255 27-01-2019 Week-16
KATHUROJU HARSHA VARDHAN 18bd1a050p 27-01-2019 Week-16
MUTYALA SAI SANDEEP 17bd1a0516 27-01-2019 Week-16
PINGALI RAGHAVENDRA SURAJ 17bd1a051a 27-01-2019 Week-16
PRIYAL JAIN 17bd1a051e 03-02-2019 Week-17
KANNEGANTI SAI ROHITH 17bd1a050t 03-02-2019 Week-17
R M AKSHAY KUMAR kmit 18bd1a05bc 03-02-2019 Week-17
VIVEK RUPENDER GOPU 18bd1a051n 03-02-2019 Week-17
ABHISHEK YELISETTI 17bd1a0507 10-02-2019 Week-18
RANGARAJU LAKSHMI GAYATHRI 17bd1a057j 10-02-2019 Week-18
DINESH REDDY RAVULA 18bd1a054j 10-02-2019 Week-18
KOTAPATI VENKATA SWARAJ 18bd1a050r 10-02-2019 Week-18
TELUKUNTA VIJAY ABHINAV 18bd1a051a 24-02-2019 Week-19
DARJILLA HARIPRIYA REDDY 17bd1a054c 24-02-2019 Week-19
DAVANAPALLY ITESH 17bd1a052b 24-02-2019 Week-19
LINGALA KESHAV 17bd1a0512 03-03-2019 Week-20
MOHIT 17bd1a052z 03-03-2019 Week-20
KOUTARAPU VAMSI MOHAN 18bd1a050u 03-03-2019 Week-20
PRANAY KMIT 18bd1a0579 03-03-2019 Week-20
SWETA VOODA 18bd1a1255 24-03-2019 Week-21
RACHAKONDA ABHISHEK kmit 18bd1a05bd 24-03-2019 Week-21
SIDHARTH KUMAR 17bd1a051k 24-03-2019 Week-21
MUTYALA SAI SANDEEP 17bd1a0516 24-03-2019 Week-21
DHUNDE VAMSHI KRISHNA 17bd1a052d 31-03-2019 Week-22
SWATHI GUPTHA 17bd1a057q 31-03-2019 Week-22
P SAI VARSHITH kmit 18bd1a05b2 31-03-2019 Week-22
KATHUROJU HARSHA VARDHAN 18bd1a050p 31-03-2019 Week-22
PIPPADAPALLY SHIVAKETHAKI kmit 18bd1a05b7 7-04-2019 Week-23
PARVATANENI TRISHOOL kmit 18bd1a05b5 7-04-2019 Week-23
EDLA VINAY KUMAR 18bd5a0501 7-04-2019 Week-23
BEJUGAM VARUN KUMAR 17bd1a0569 7-04-2019 Week-23
MOHIT 17bd1a052z 21-07-2019 Week-25
VIVEK RUPENDER GOPU 18bd1a051n 21-07-2019 Week-25
PRANAY KMIT 18bd1a0579 21-07-2019 Week-25
J.MAYUR REDDY 18bd1a050h 28-07-2019 Week-26
VEGI SHANMUKH CHOWDARY 18bd1a051h 28-07-2019 Week-26
MUTYALA SAI SANDEEP 17bd1a0516 28-07-2019 Week-26
GANJI ANURAG 17bd1a0502 28-07-2019 Week-26
KANNEGANTI SAI ROHITH 17bd1a050t 11-08-2019 Week-27
ABHISHEK YELISETTI 17bd1a0507 11-08-2019 Week-27
P SAI VARSHITH kmit 18bd1a05b2 11-08-2019 Week-27
TELUKUNTA VIJAY ABHINAV 18bd1a051a 11-08-2019 Week-27
KATHUROJU HARSHA VARDHAN 18bd1a050p 18-08-2019 Week-28
RACHAKONDA ABHISHEK kmit 18bd1a05bd 18-08-2019 Week-28
KODAKANDLA ACHARYA TARUN 17bd1a054u 18-08-2019 Week-28
HITESH GOYAL 17bd1a050n 18-08-2019 Week-28
LINGALA KESHAV 17bd1a0512 25-08-2019 Week-29
MOHIT 17bd1a052z 25-08-2019 Week-29
SWETA VOODA 18bd1a1255 25-08-2019 Week-29
VIVEK RUPENDER GOPU 18bd1a051n 25-08-2019 Week-29
J.MAYUR REDDY 18bd1a050h 01-09-2019 Week-30
VEGI SHANMUKH CHOWDARY 18bd1a051h 01-09-2019 Week-30
SHAIK MOHAMMED FAIZUDDIN 17bd1a053j 01-09-2019 Week-30
PINGALI RAGHAVENDRA SURAJ 17bd1a051a 01-09-2019 Week-30
THIPPARTHI OMKAR 17bd1a051r 15-09-2019 Week-31
NAGARUR SAI SANJAY 17bd1a0531 15-09-2019 Week-31
PRANAY KMIT 18bd1a0579 15-09-2019 Week-31
P SAI VARSHITH kmit 18bd1a05b2 22-09-2019 Week-32
PARVATANENI TRISHOOL kmit 18bd1a05b5 22-09-2019 Week-32
ABHISHEK YELISETTI 17bd1a0507 22-09-2019 Week-32
SARVESH CHALLAWAR 17bd1a053h 22-09-2019 Week-32
NAGOTHU PRAJWAL 17bd1a0518 29-09-2019 Week-33
ANDE YASHWANTH 17bd1a0544 29-09-2019 Week-33
YANAMADALA PAVAN 18bd1a051t 29-09-2019 Week-33
DEPA ROHITH REDDY 18bd1a0508 29-09-2019 Week-33
RACHAKONDA ABHISHEK kmit 18bd1a05bd 20-10-2019 Week-34
SWETA VOODA 18bd1a1255 20-10-2019 Week-34
HITESH GOYAL 17bd1a050n 20-10-2019 Week-34
SHRAVANA MORE 17bd1a051g 20-10-2019 Week-34
PATLOLLA SUSHMA REDDY 17bd1a0539 27-10-2019 Week-35
MOHIT 17bd1a052z 27-10-2019 Week-35
VEGI SHANMUKH CHOWDARY 18bd1a051h 27-10-2019 Week-35
TELUKUNTA VIJAY ABHINAV 18bd1a051a 27-10-2019 Week-35
KATHUROJU HARSHA VARDHAN 18bd1a050p 19-01-2020 Week-36
VIVEK RUPENDER GOPU 18bd1a051n 19-01-2020 Week-36
POCHAMPALLY PRANAY 17bd1a053a 19-01-2020 Week-36
TUMMA SRUJAN 17bd1a055u 19-01-2020 Week-36
LINGALA KESHAV 17bd1a0512 26-01-2020 Week-37
ABHISHEK YELISETTI 17bd1a0507 26-01-2020 Week-37
MANDA HRITHIK 18bd1a050z 26-01-2020 Week-37
PARVATANENI TRISHOOL kmit 18bd1a05b5 26-01-2020 Week-37
PRANAY KMIT 18bd1a0579 02-02-2020 Week-38
NISHCHAL SINGI kmit 18bd1a05az 02-02-2020 Week-38
NAGOTHU PRAJWAL 17bd1a0518 02-02-2020 Week-38
NAGARUR SAI SANJAY 17bd1a0531 02-02-2020 Week-38
PAGUDALA SAI TARUN 17bd1a0559 09-02-2020 Week-39
PRERNA PATRA 17bd1a051d 09-02-2020 Week-39
SARDAR MANMEET SINGH 18bd1a057j 09-02-2020 Week-39
RACHAKONDA ABHISHEK kmit 18bd1a05bd 09-02-2020 Week-39
MOHIT 17bd1a052z 16-02-2020 Week-40
CHINTANIPPU NYMISH 17bd1a054b 16-02-2020 Week-40
ANUMANDLA SRI RAM REDDY KMIT 18bd1a0523 16-02-2020 Week-40
S SRINIVAS YADAV 18bd1a055e 16-02-2020 Week-40
R M AKSHAY KUMAR kmit 18bd1a05bc 01-03-2020 Week-41
P SAI VARSHITH kmit 18bd1a05b2 01-03-2020 Week-41
TUMMA SRUJAN 17bd1a055u 01-03-2020 Week-41
ANDE YASHWANTH 17bd1a0544 01-03-2020 Week-41