Kindle Fire is a media consumption device which is meant for consumption of content offered by Amazon Inc like Books,Magazines ,E-books and Apps.Amazon App Store is the primary market on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet .Since the Kindle is an Android device you can install this app store on any Android device

What makes the Amazon app store so special ?

Amazon app store offers a free app everyday. Now you might think these apps are a bunch of wallpapers. The amazon app store is a second best android market after the play store in terms of the content it offers. So, The free apps it offers are actually apps with good rating on the Play Store but cost money . Example: Sprinkle Islands(122Rs) a very popular game was free for a day.

How to get the store running on you android device:

  1. Visit the Amazon App Store below on your mobile device
  2. Download and install the .apk file
  3. Create a Amazon account and start downloading.

The apps you download are stored in the market’s cloud setting so in case you uninstall the paid app or format you phone you can always download the app again and install it.Once you download it ,it is always free.This is a great alternative to the Android Market.

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