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Are we bad people ?

“What is it about being blind that it makes you want to walk the dog the whole time?” “When it comes to environment, it’s not us but our children and our children’s children that will pay for our mistakes, which… Continue Reading →

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Moonlighting- Double Money, Double Risk

The corporate industry is notoriously famous for having the highest pay grade difference for employees working in the same company at different levels doing the same or similar jobs. This difference attracts several young engineers and management graduates into this… Continue Reading →

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Trompe l’oeil

Hope was an absurd emotion.   It was a chilly midnight when it happened for the first time. Monique was a light sleeper. After all, it didn’t take much more than a dull, heavy thud for him to jolt awake… Continue Reading →

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A Silent Plea

[Trigger Warning] The following reading contains potentially distressing information about self-harm. The reader is advised to use their discretion to continue reading.   Darkness cocooned her room, her heart twisted, churned, her fingers closed around her throat, nails digging into… Continue Reading →

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Who Watches The Watchmen?

Police sirens, an opened door, a step out of the flat that had been an abode and a prison for 6-years-9 months-23 days—freedom at last?   Julian Assange was under no such false impression as the British police dragged him… Continue Reading →

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“Women vs Women” – Ugly concept of Indian television shows

  Flash, Flash, Flash. Various screens show the face of the actor. A woman crying in the corner while another loves the visual of her crying. The editor looks at all of these different shots and lets out a satisfied… Continue Reading →

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The Myth of Femininity

From a very young age, we are socialized to behave according to our sex. Boys are taught to be “masculine” and girls are taught to be “feminine”. But are there any biological differences between a man and a woman which… Continue Reading →

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Neapolitan Nightmare

For the fourth time this week, I woke up at my desk. It wasn’t very comfortable: most of the space was taken up by an assortment of empty Red Bull cans and coffee cups. Clutter never bothered me though, it’s… Continue Reading →

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Happy Photographs

[Trigger Warning] The following reading contains events of death. **This is entirely a work of fiction and no distress was intended for any family/person affected by a natural disaster. “Please Ma!” Arya pleaded. “I made it to my final semester…. Continue Reading →

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How to get scammed on an online marketplace

Well, well, well. Something interesting has finally caught your attention in this painfully boring and monotonous life. You dash to the most convenient online marketplace to find the materialistic item that fuels your dopamine rush. These platforms help connect buyers… Continue Reading →

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Dahmer – A Review

[Trigger Warning] The following article contains acts of cruelty and violence. Reader discretion is advised. I opened my laptop, exhausted from all the classes at college, (not) ready to log in to another class when I stumbled upon “Monster: The… Continue Reading →

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The Line

Growing up watching Sci-fi movies, I always imagined myself living in a fully automated world with all these cool tech devices- flying sneakers, teleportation units, and whatnot. Something as dreamy as the “first cognitive city” proposed to be built in… Continue Reading →

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The Human Touch

The human touch. Such a simple thing, yet one that holds immense power. Almost like a miracle. Wonder why? Read on.  We’ve been gifted with the five senses, namely: vision, speech, smell, hearing, and the most beautiful of all, touch…. Continue Reading →

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Take 53 – Of Tales and Talkies

It feels like just a week ago when the internet was bombarded with memes of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars. Ah, what a moment. The Cannes Film Festival too ended just recently, leaving us waiting for… Continue Reading →

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A Childhood Dream

Did your 8-year-old self ever wish for that awesome Pixar movie that you watched, and you watched, then you watched again, to be real? Because I did!  I had a dream. I wished I was a car so that I… Continue Reading →

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Why I don’t like my childhood favorite movie anymore

Indian Cinema is an ill-structured thing with pleasing aesthetics and flawed characters. The dialogue  “Mard ko Dard Nahi Hota” sums up precisely what part of Indian Cinema is problematic. While watching Kuch Kuch Hota Hai this week, I saw problems… Continue Reading →

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The Perversion of “Propaganda”

“Propaganda” in present-day English, refers to information or media (especially of biased or misleading nature) that is used to manipulate the audience to further an agenda. If you hear the word propaganda, it immediately alerts you to look out for… Continue Reading →

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The Posthumous Manor

As the night grew darker, enveloping an empty street with mystery and fear, it embraced two college students, Matteo and Ace. Drunk and floundering into the dark alley, they hadn’t realised how far they had wandered until they came across… Continue Reading →

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