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It’s kMITRA’s fourth birthday!

We Turn 4!

A baby was born in October 2014. With love and care, the baby was nurtured. With thoughts and ideas, the baby evolved. The baby has now turned 4 so let’s get the celebration started. October marks the anniversary edition of… Continue Reading →

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All About Us

Emerging out from the tech magazine Vipassana, evolving into a monthly magazine covering various topics to help us ‘Think, Integrate and Evolve,’ rose kMITRA – ‘A friend to grow up with.’ Making progress edition by edition, revamping the site to… Continue Reading →

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Going into kMITRA

It’s just another bustling day at kMITRA. There’s pandemonium all around as we set to work on delivering a fun, informative magazine to the readers. We try to outdo the best work we’ve done so far. And in doing so,… Continue Reading →

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kMITRA 4ever

It was the year of 2014, when ideas bloomed and were nurtured, our beloved fostrer child’s journey had just begun. Who knew, our little guy would grow so fast? You guessed it right, our masterpiece, ‘kMITRA’ turns FOUR this month!… Continue Reading →

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9 Days, 9 Lessons

India is a country dominated by religions with Gods seen as the only Higher Power. Throughout the ages, people in India have continued to idolize the source of the entire Universe’s creation as the Primal Feminine Force or Aadi Shakti…. Continue Reading →

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Halloween DIY : Wound Make Up

Pumpkins. Freaky costumes. Candies. You know it’s that time of the year where Halloween madness is everywhere. From becoming witches to devils, and undead nuns to zombie scarecrows, we all get into the Halloween spirit of spookiness, mysteries and old… Continue Reading →

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Andhadhun-Did you see it?

Mystery. A genre of storytelling from times forgotten. Everyone enjoys a good suspense/thriller. Be it the element of surprise, or shock in many cases, or the euphoric feeling of being right about the killer from the very beginning. It’s all… Continue Reading →

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Red Brick Café

You ever have one of those days? Where you are just tired of your regular restaurants and want to go find something new. I had one of those a while ago and I scoured zomato for about an hour before I… Continue Reading →

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Fiction Vs Fanfiction

“As he holds you in his arms and looks at you like you hold all the secrets of the universe, you get lost in his dark dreamy eyes as the world around you disappears.” Too fake? Unrealistic? No one you… Continue Reading →

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’twas a ‘Ruff’ Day

Scout, the German Shepherd and Tyson, the Golden Retriever-two dogs, two best friends, two goofy guys who spend all day pulling off shenanigans and laughing at their owners who have no idea what they’re up to. It was a normal… Continue Reading →

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Tuning In

“You are listening to All India Radio Hyderabad-B, broadcasting on 1377 kHz corresponding to 217.8 meters medium wave. This is Mahathi Sharma wishing you a very Good morning. Now the time in our studio is 4 minutes past 7 and… Continue Reading →

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A Child’s Play

It was a cloudy Monday evening, when I dragged myself back from college, my face buried in the grey screen of my phone. I found an unoccupied chair in the park and tried to make myself comfortable amidst the Monday… Continue Reading →

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