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Top 12 Apps of 2013

Are we utilizing apps? Or apps dictating us?

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Rise of the MOOCs

So the lectures are boring, you hate those JNTU textbooks more passionately than your old flame, and the grammatical errors in that All in One drive you up the wall just as fast as a Rebecca Black song (There are… Continue Reading →

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Google Chromecast

A new device from Google makes it easy to stream video from several popular services to a high-definition TV. Chromecast is tiny enough to dangle from a keychain when not in use, but it packs a big punch for a… Continue Reading →

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Amazon App Store

Kindle Fire is a media consumption device which is meant for consumption of content offered by Amazon Inc like Books,Magazines ,E-books and Apps.Amazon App Store is the primary market on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet .Since the Kindle is an… Continue Reading →

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Will Xbox One replace the PS4’s ?

After 8 full years since the Xbox 360 now Microsoft comes up with a big black box of the size of an old school VCR. Yes it is the Xbox One. It not only now is the entertainment hub in… Continue Reading →

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Motorola Moto G

To those looking for the ultimate smart phone that ticks all the boxes and doesn’t burn a hole through your pocket, Motorola G is what you have been waiting for. Motorola after a long time is set to launch an… Continue Reading →

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The Future of E-commerce

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