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Syed Muzzammil Hassan Abedi

Must Watch Documentaries and Podcasts in Quarantine

2020 has been a disaster so far with the deadly virus, the lockdown making us stay in our homes, juggling between our broken sleep cycles, helping with house chores, and trying out new recipes. We are watching a huge amount… Continue Reading →

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5 features that make kMITRA a great Team

  When you google search good features of a team, you will find many generic and cliché lists that are not always true for every team. So here are a few features that have made kMITRA run consistently and passionately… Continue Reading →

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The philosophy of ‘letting go’

We have all heard that mobile phones and other digital devices are addictive, harmful and that they affect our mental health, but it is only when you experience a situation in which you can’t access these devices for a few… Continue Reading →

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