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Ritika Saboo

A creature of the night, I'm always on the hunt for stirring poetry and compelling long-form journalism: thus of the belief that words have the power to heal and challenge.

A Star Is Born Review

There’s a moment in the film where a drag performer asks Bradley Cooper’s character to sing for her. The scene becomes an early defining point of Bradley’s directorial style: the screen is lit in a “soft glow” but the conversations… Continue Reading →

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Nanette Review

Netflix, a disruptive force in the streaming industry, has shown that it knows how to capture the attention of today’s varied audience; hook, line, sinker. Netflix has so far managed to maintain the diversity of its content as it adds… Continue Reading →

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#metoo – a rallying call to end sexual violence

Social movements are both fascinating and frustrating, taking a life of their own: they survive in chants of pithy slogans, find coherence in heated debates and, sometimes, just sometimes, culminate into a brilliant moment of reckoning of an idea whose… Continue Reading →

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A Deed Well Done – Charity ’17

On 13th October, KMIT celebrated its 10th anniversary with a day-long fest on our beautiful green campus. Even as it evolves, KMIT’s purpose remains the same: to nurture talent and foster initiative among the youth of today. As KMIT marked 10 years,… Continue Reading →

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Anxiety is like playing hide-and-seek with ghosts of the past, and then some that you make up; (all of them you made up) like a child playing indoors what ought to be a game for two, or three, or more,… Continue Reading →

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Review: Hidden Figures

There are such moments in the collective memory of mankind that are documented and celebrated decades later for changing the world we all share. In that sense, history is just a plot put together from real world events, game-changing as… Continue Reading →

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In the year of 2008, around the month of October, an anonymous blog posted under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto proposed an electronic peer-to-peer payment system. The system primarily sought to decentralise the process by which people make transactions and… Continue Reading →

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Pink Review

When the infamous documentary titled “India’s daughter” courted controversy for a number of reasons, one article stood out in its criticism: it accused the documentary of exploring the 2012 Delhi gang rape victim’s past of “good behaviour” to gain unlikely… Continue Reading →

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Poetry is Make-Believe

Raw, jagged emotions: Poetry is make-believe. Hope-flaming; Tongue blabbing Onto the white paper Words unsullied by reality Words unsullied by reality: Poetry is make-believe. Confession-making; Breaking into soliloquy Of unrequited romances role-playing as two lovers Role-playing as two lovers: Poetry… Continue Reading →

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In the “Spotlight”

 Mitchell Garabedian: If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse them. Based on real events, this movie chronicles the impressive efforts of the real Spotlight team led by Marty Baron, the then newly… Continue Reading →

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The Brave and The Savage

She draped the sari across her chest, its hanging length anchored at her shoulder. The fragile folds of her locks encircled her ears and revealed the ersatz chandeliers that lit up her face. Pressing a round Bindi in the space… Continue Reading →

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A Delay In The Awakening Of The Conscience?

As more and more writers return their Sahitya Akademi awards, one has to wonder what the hubbub is all about. Sahitya Akademi, quoted from the Wikipedia article, “is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of literature in the languages of… Continue Reading →

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The Syrian Crisis

As we speak, the Syrian population is battling a civil war, ignited by the airborne transmission of rebellion known as the “Arab Spring”. The ongoing conflict started in March 2011 as people took to streets to protest against the government… Continue Reading →

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