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Purva Shah

I am twenty and I love painting, writing, beaches and cool breeze. I can devour pizzas twice my size. Dogs over humans. I'm on a pilgrimage to reach my goals and live to my potential.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee-The Legend

Atal Bihari Vajpayee – a name that needs no introduction. A name that resonates with power. A name that plays an important role in making what India is today.  He served India thrice as a Prime Minister and was later appointed… Continue Reading →

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Mother on Duty

Mrs Tripathi sat on the sofa after her supper. She lived alone most of the year. Her husband had died eight years ago and her son was in the Indian army. She wasn’t aware of his exact whereabouts, but she… Continue Reading →

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Black Is The New Red

Love is like the world of the blind, Just black, dark and tentative. You see every detail  through your soul.   You peep into yourself to see the farthest of your future. You see the sun in the night,  A… Continue Reading →

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The Federer Magic

“In an era of specialists, you are either a clay court specialist, a grass court specialist or a hard court specialist or… you’re ‘Roger Federer’.” ― Jimmy Connors There is tennis and then there is― Roger Federer. The name which has now… Continue Reading →

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The Twisted Fate

“Hey honey! How was your day?” “Best day ever, mum”, replied Jackson as pale as grey. He trudged towards his room, hoping his mom hadn’t seen his eyes that clearly expressed his excruciating feelings. He slowly shut the door behind… Continue Reading →

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Never Stop Learning

Sometimes, in finding what makes us happy, we forget to explore new things. Lately, social media has become a shell and only a few manage to break out of it. We’ve stopped learning. We’ve stopped feeding our brains. When did… Continue Reading →

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