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All About Us

Emerging out from the tech magazine Vipassana, evolving into a monthly magazine covering various topics to help us ‘Think, Integrate and Evolve,’ rose kMITRA – ‘A friend to grow up with.’ Making progress edition by edition, revamping the site to… Continue Reading →

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Federation Cup – Roller Hockey

To all the people out there who never get the sport I play, this one is for you. “Roller Skating” commonly known as “Speed Skating” has always been a very popular sport in our country. Not only is it a… Continue Reading →

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YouTube – A Career Choice

“Types of friends to be with”, searched the 15-year-old girl. A recent video release of her favourite YouTuber. And her 20-year-old brother stood perplexed, thinking why she didn’t ask him instead, only to shoot the entire scene and upload his… Continue Reading →

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A Sarcastic Recipe

Let’s bake, let’s accomplish! If you have successfully not accomplished your to-do list of 2017 and have still planned to bake a cake, you are my best friend. It’s not just any cake, its a cake made out of sheer… Continue Reading →

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Art Event ’17

Meeta: I adored the melodious voices and enthusiasm of dancers and singers on the KMIT evening. I was enthralled by the performance of my mates at the debate and various literary activities held at college. But I’d always longed for… Continue Reading →

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Few among us!

I had Wonder Woman poster stuck on my wall, Batman sticker on my laptop, Spiderman quotes as my Whatsapp status and I tried to tackle every situation with Iron man’s mindset until it hit me like a truck that life is… Continue Reading →

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The Lesser You Know, The Better It Is?

Plain canvas, simple life, and the 5-year-old me decided to fill it with color, fill it with joy. Hands dipped in paint, and the random prints added soul to the artwork with a smile on her face. Scrutinizing further, feeling… Continue Reading →

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Diarios de viaje

Summer time, popular tourist spots, popular tourist sites, typical photographs and typical stories. I prefer the road less taken. This summer I was lucky enough, to visit a remote place called “Bhaderwah” located on the foothills of Himalayan Mountains in… Continue Reading →

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Do you have an answer?

Is it a compulsion to love yourself? What if you have no faith in yourself? What if you love it this way, What if there was no other way? Do you have an answer?   Is it a compulsion to… Continue Reading →

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