Mahima Ventrapragada

That girl who initially might be rather reticent but get to know her, will leave you with memories reminiscent. An assortment of strength and sensitivity, with a penchant for culture and languages, fondness for music and love for movies.Believer of the fact that sometimes the greatest adventure could simply be a conversation.

A War Within

Our fates intertwined through wedlock, Married life with a soldier, no cakewalk. Adorning the hats of both a mother and a father, Remember, we have now and always got each other.   Tales of your valour, the kids’ beloved story,… Continue Reading →

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Lupin – A Review

Thriller. Heists. Mystery. The three genres of cinema that never fail to grab our attention. It’s quite common that we end up watching movies or series of these categories even if they are in languages unfamiliar to us. Such is… Continue Reading →

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Who Murdered Simon Kelleher?

Simon nicknamed me a princess, I unknowingly was a damsel in distress. Never really was me as an individual, Relied on a guy, loved him unconditional. Always tried to be the person I never was, Dependency turned out to be… Continue Reading →

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Reminiscence – The Diary

It’s just another day.  I took a glance at the calendar: 12-05-2038, Tuesday. No appointments. Neeta is busy at work; Ria and Rishi are busy with their classes online and I have to clean the old storeroom cupboard because Neeta… Continue Reading →

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Human Trafficking-Changes Over the Years

Life took a horrifying turn for Sushma after that fateful day. The day that changed her life. There she sat under the windowpane, dressed in rags, her hands bruised. Her eyes were swollen and tears ran down her cheeks. How… Continue Reading →

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Denisovans-The Ancient Us

Have you ever wondered if this is how we, as in humans have always looked? Yes, of course, we all differ in our appearances, but what if the ancient humans had an altogether different look? A recent article on the… Continue Reading →

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The Yearning

Looking through the window I see, the clouds of dusk, People bustling around, with the weapons of tusk. Away from family, prisoned for no reason, I pay the price, of neither murder nor treason. Leaning against the walls of the… Continue Reading →

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Perspectives of an Introvert

“Don’t think of introversion as something that needs to be cured…spend your time the way you like, not the way you think you are supposed to. -Susan Cain, author ‘Quiet: The Power of Introverts’ In a room filled with loud… Continue Reading →

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Nakusha: You Deserve a Better Name.

We live in a society that speaks volume about male and female equality but does not actually have enough people who understand its depth and try to bring about a change in it. There is a program though, one of… Continue Reading →

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