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Kruthi Shandilya

In a room full of art, I'd look for food."Netflix and chill"? Nah. "Read and repeat" sounds better.


The days are longer, the sun is brighter, and ice cream carts have re-emerged. It’s officially summer- the season of relaxation and rejuvenation. Though the rising temperatures have made it almost impossible to step out without wanting to curl back… Continue Reading →

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Castle of broken dreams

Yeh mehlon, yeh takhton, yeh taajon ki duniya the world of these palaces, thrones, and crowns Yeh insaan ke dushman samaajon ki duniya the world of multitude enemies of mankind Yeh daulat key bhookhey rawajon ki duniya the world of… Continue Reading →

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Hustling in the Eye of the Pandemic

There’s no denying that the pandemic has taken a toll on our physical and mental health, as well as general productivity. This is especially true in the case of teenagers and young adults. According to a survey organized by UNICEF… Continue Reading →

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The Perfect Fit

If you think you never have enough clothes, think again.  2700 liters of water is required to make one cotton t-shirt; that’s the amount of water an average person drinks in about two and a half years. Out of the… Continue Reading →

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Half Heaven, Half Hell?

I’ve grown up reading great things about Kashmir’s beauty. In one of my textbooks, it’s also called “The Heaven on Earth” or in the local dialect, “Dharti ka swarg Kashmir.” From the icy mountain slopes to the lush green plains… Continue Reading →

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I woke up one day with a dagger through my heart it doesn’t hurt, I’m afraid I know what this is about I don’t want to step out, don’t want people to know; at this moment my mom walks in,… Continue Reading →

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Timeline of the Pandemic

In December of 2019, the Chinese Government reported 41 cases of mysterious pneumonia in the Hubei Province, Wuhan. The investigations deduced a novel (new) coronavirus. It was named SARS CoV2. Similar to the previous coronavirus outbreaks like SARS and MERS… Continue Reading →

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Till Death Do Us Apart

Dawn was winding when Aahil was trying hard to get some sleep. He used his hands to cover his ears and sometimes even buried his head under a pillow. He couldn’t listen to the onslaught of verbal abuse going high… Continue Reading →

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