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Eshaan Sangyam

If you’re going to be stupid, at least be entertaining.

Illusion Of Retribution

“Cranberry juice” said Mukesh with a smile as he handed the stained white sheets to the dry cleaner. The man on the other side of the counter took the sheets with a rather skeptical look on his face. “Kitna hua”… Continue Reading →

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kMITRA’s summer of fashion

It’s that time of the year when all we crave is ice cream, ACs, and a vacation (minus the holiday assignments). Summer is also the season of constantly switching your physical state from that of a normal human being to… Continue Reading →

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Zombie Apocalypse

“Tofuuuuu” was what Basheer heard before he blanked out. He woke up groggily. He looked around and realized he was lying on the footpath of an alley. He stood up slowly and made his way out. He saw a faint… Continue Reading →

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The Human Touch

The human touch. Such a simple thing, yet one that holds immense power. Almost like a miracle. Wonder why? Read on.  We’ve been gifted with the five senses, namely: vision, speech, smell, hearing, and the most beautiful of all, touch…. Continue Reading →

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