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Bhoomi Chavan

Just another bookworm who loves to write reviews and will talk to you for hours about food and dogs. Procrastinates everything but always gets the work done!

Why We Read

As kids, we dreamt of a magical land away from home filled with candies and games and sweets and all things wonderful. We wished for a portal in our midst so as to escape and never come back. But as… Continue Reading →

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Quarantine Binge Fest

Trigger warning: The following article is a review of three Indian psychological thriller web series which feature strong and abusive language, hate speech, discriminatory actions or attitudes towards certain sects and contain a graphic depiction of child sexual abuse and… Continue Reading →

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Patang Utsav – 2020

On January 11th 2020, KMIT celebrated its first event of the new decade: Patang Utsav. This event is a long-standing tradition of KMIT where we celebrate Sankranthi, the festival of harvest. The celebrations commenced at 9.00 AM and continued till… Continue Reading →

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Magic of Motion Picture

It was in the year 1878 when Eadward Muybridge placed 24 cameras on a race track, a few inches apart from each other, and captured a series of photographs of a horse in motion. These pictures when paired together and… Continue Reading →

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Nitta Sayuri in the making

“A story like mine should never be told, for my world is as forbidden as it is fragile, without its mystery, it cannot survive. I certainly wasn’t born into the life of a Geisha… like so much in my strange… Continue Reading →

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KMIT Saanjh- Ek shaam, cinema ke naam

You enter the college and see a lavish red carpet spread out for you and life-size cutouts of actors leading you to the box office. You exchange your food coupons for the refreshments, take a seat and watch a 3-hour… Continue Reading →

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Lock the Box: BookChor’s Warehouse Sale

The summer vacation gives students an opportunity to revisit their hobbies and master new ones. Unquestionably, reading happens to be a common interest among many individuals. So what better way to enjoy these hot summer days than to sip on… Continue Reading →

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Lights! Camera! Remake!

Remakes of old movies and songs are not a new thing. They have been around for quite a long time now. Not just remakes, apparently, reboots of movies are also a thing now. But first, it is important to define… Continue Reading →

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A Story Beyond Words: The Shape of Water

“Unable to perceive the shape of you, I find you all around me. Your presence fills my eyes with your love. It humbles my heart, for you are everywhere.” ― Giles, The Shape of Water.            … Continue Reading →

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The Under 25 Summit – Hyd

The ‘Under 25 summit 2018’ is one of the largest youth festivals in India where people forget the boundaries made by the society; share ideas on a common platform, and showcase their talents. Speakers like Akaanksh Pothukutchi and Bhuvan Bam,… Continue Reading →

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‘Turtles all the way down’ book review

Ever thought about the millions of bacteria breeding in your mouth? Ever thought about sanitizing it? Well, Aza Holmes seems to have found a way out- drinking hand sanitizer…. “You are as real as anyone, and your doubts make you… Continue Reading →

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A Letter To My Muse

Dearest M,Have you ever met someone who you desire and admire, someone who fills the empty corners of your heart? The one who crosses your path and stays with you forever?  Someone who makes you feel elated, awakens you from… Continue Reading →

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