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Aditi Ghotikar

10 things you didn’t know about KMIT

And you thought you knew all about KMIT?

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A delectable collection of the best tweets around the Cricket World Cup.

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Houston, we have a problem. It’s 2015!

Whoosh. That’s the sound 2014 made when it passed by. Amidst two semesters, placements and the watchmen’s whistles, 2015 is already staring at us. We stumbled, dragged and sleepwalked our way through the semester exams. Like, yours truly. Then there… Continue Reading →

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Class Apart

Welcome to kMITRA, a monthly online magazine about all things KMIT and beyond. Far from being a regular college among many, KMIT has carved a niche for itself. As its students, we wanted to contribute to it while creating a… Continue Reading →

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