WOK republic is a casual diner known to serve Thai and Japanese cuisine in the most authentic way. When I came to know that they had a branch in Himayat nagar, I decided to visit it. It is an eatery with a nice and simple ambiance but with small occupancy so you can have a little trouble attracting your waiter’s attention on weekends.


The menu sounds so conventional and appetizing that might make you want to order everything (that’s how I felt). The staff is friendly and will try to make good recommendations. The best part is- the order will be served in minutes.

For the starters, we had The Liberated Monk (momos), baby corn pop sticks and Wings of Fury. The momos were perfectly cooked and the stuffing was delicious, that’s a must try. Wings of fury are chicken wings dipped in a hot n spicy sauce. The chicken was tender, crispy and flavorsome. Every starter was served with a sauce that complimented the dish very well.


As for the main course, they offer us a choice to customize our own wok which is pretty great. We had a customized wok, American chop suey and chilli basil rice. American chop suey tastes a bit bland, so not a good choice for the spicy lovers, I would say. The rice was served with a Manchurian sauce which was exquisite. Finally when the bill arrived, we felt we got a good deal for the price.


Wok republic must be on your go-to list if you want to try something new on a pocket friendly budget. It could be your next favorite hangout place for this monsoon. I definitely recommend it!


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