It has been a year since I joined kMITRA, a platform I never thought I would be a part of. As a developer and designer, I never imagined that I would also be writing an article.


I can still remember my first kMITRA meeting. Imagine me, a complete nerd, thrown into the world of writing experts. I’m surrounded by writers who can write poetry on a napkin while I’m struggling to construct a sentence. I felt like a caveman at a tech conference. Talking? Forget it; my words came out like hiccups with commas.


So, during our introductory session, it was finally my turn to speak. I was so nervous that I stuttered and uttered, “Why kMITRA?” The whole room burst into laughter, and I felt like a comedian for a second there. But then, I got all awkward and mumbled, “I dunno what to do, and everyone says there’s no work.” I mean, come on, what was I supposed to say? Anyway, most of the people there were strangers to me, and I, not gonna lie, felt like a shy little kid again.


The truth was, as Junior Developers, our tasks were limited. Seniors used to handle the minute work we used to have (if something existed), leaving us with nothing to do. Fast forward to the present, and the transition to Senior Developers brought us the hope of greater duties and tasks.


It was as if the universe had heard our collective wish. A sudden attack on the kMITRA site left us facing a crashed platform and an unexpected challenge. What seemed so boring initially turned into a chance for development. With dedication and determination, we restored the site, turning idle days into a period of high productivity. 


The question that accidentally shaped my kMITRA journey, “Why kMITRA?” gained relevance. It was more than my sarcastic way of saying there was no work; it became a symbol of purpose and morphed into a slogan within kMITRA. So much so that it now graces the title of our Discord Server (OK, OK 😅).



Our evolution from confused Junior Developers to Senior Developers steering through unforeseen challenges encapsulates the essence of “Why kMITRA?”. My journey with kMITRA has exceeded the initial question, making it a story of growth and the joy of discovering purpose in the unlikeliest of places.


But my story is just one brushstroke in the vibrant canvas of kMITRA. Here, we are a kaleidoscope of minds, each with twists, dreams, and “Why kMITRA?” moments. There’s the wordsmith who weaves code like poetry, the designer who paints pixels into breathtaking pictures (not kidding), and the silent coder whose algorithms hum like a symphony in the making (kidding, not really).


As I reflect on the past year, kMITRA wasn’t just a place where I improved my skills (I’m just a tech nerd) but a platform that transformed me personally and professionally. The friendships formed, the challenges met, and the shared victories have left a long-lasting impact on my journey. The answer to my initial question, “Why kMITRA?” isn’t just in my words but in the excellent collection of experiences that shape my kMITRA journey.

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