"Writing is a painting of the Voice"

In a world where real conversations are replaced by text messages,
I dream about expressing my thoughts to someone.

In a world where laminated family photographs are replaced by selfies confined to our phones, I dream about saving a moment just by the memory.

In a world where long walks are replaced by treadmills, I dream about feeling the evening breeze caressing my skin.

In a world where love is replaced by flings of romance, I dream about having someone to share my darkest of secrets.

In a world where spending time with each other, only means looking at their phones together, I dream about looking into each other's eyes and cherishing the moment.

In a world where nobody has the patience to listen to one complete song, I dream about having someone who could listen to me for hours.

In a world where we relax through sleeping, I dream about finding peace when I'm wide awake.

In a world where poetry is considered old school, I dream about making us realize that there is poetry within each one of us.

But oh, dear! Not all dreams come true.
But how badly I want to rescue
myself from this stone-hearted
world; Here's how I marshaled
myself by penning down my thoughts
which others didn't bother about;
the pen was speaking
as my thoughts were weeping;
the paper was listening
as my flow, gliding.
Now I see, for sure
I needn't fear loneliness anymore;
This one thing makes me all right
and this is why I write.

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