To all the pretty girls and cool guys out there, now that the summer’s here, feel free to restyle your outfits that match the weather and your gorgeousness.
To help you find your favorite clothing, below is a  collection which may make your hunt for new trends easier.
1)Boho Chic – This trend tries to bring back the vintage styles to the modern era. It has got a 70’s flair to it-very Retro. Just wear it and flaunt your beauty!   

2)Khaki and army greens – Remember those trousers the army men wore? Oh yeah! That’s the new ‘cool’ outfit. Try out Khaki and army green pants/trousers preferably with Navy blue or brown coloured sneakers. Also add in black shades which will definitely add some sass!

3)Halter tops – A halter top is a sleeveless shirt similar to a tank top, but the straps are tied behind the neck. This was once an inner garment, but  a slight  modification of this plain top gave birth to a new style of Summer tops. Try out these colourful outfits which also give you enough exposure so you don’t feel  sweaty at all.

4)Denim shorts and T-shirts – This trend never gets old! Wearing Denim shorts during summer is almost an unwritten rule and T-shirts are common during any season. This time, try wearing torn Denims and over-sized T-shirts which makes you look all cool and makes you feel comfortable too. Also, add in white sneakers to look casual, yet elegant.


1)Bandana – This large printed handkercheif usually worn around the neck or over the head is on a roll! Preferably with a red or dark blue background, try out these on light-coloured T-shirts to flaunt your boyish charm!

2)Powder Blue Shirts – These blue breed of shirts sell themselves. Over the years, these ones have been the highly demanded style of shirts as they show your elegance while giving away the summer cool look. Add on some white shoes/sneakers to give that outfit a little more suave look!

3)All White – Top to bottom covered in white? Yes! That is surprisingly one of the most desired outfits for men. As we know, white is the colour of men and being covered top to toe in white garments gives them more points than ever! So grab on your white shirts and white jeans…..and of course, white sneakers go with everything. Also, adding on a Blue coloured Bandana would improve your already attractive look!

4) Shorts/Capris and T-shirts – As said above, this one never gets old. No matter how many years pass, summer is incomplete without wearing these comfortable clothes. One may think these are worn indoors, and fail to notice that they can be pretty good for outdoors too. Cargo shorts with cotton T-shirts give you both the comfort and also the boyish charm. Throw in some sneakers and a hat/cap to look all cool and casual!

Get your style higher this Summer ’cause ain’t nobody got time to look mediocre! 😛

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