With this very edition kMITRA marks its one year anniversary. Since its inception it garnered the affection and support of KMIT. It has charmed us with its creativity in the form of articles like the DIYs. It confronted us about the world we live in with articles like The Red Traffic Signal. It acquainted us with the epicurean living inside by introducing us to different eateries in the city. It informed us about the potential of technology with its Tech-Neutron . It has kept us up to date with runway trends with its fashion articles. It celebrated grandeur and talent of Hollywood with the Oscars edition. It unveiled certain aspects of our college we didn’t know. It opened doors for multitude of talent. Well,when it comes to prowess in writing  KMIT has a certain je ne sais quoi.

Shout out to the kMITRA team for their dedication and commitment to the magazine.The kMITRA team believes in the saying.

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

I must say, its befitting to the journey we had so far.

*raises a toast*

Here’s to all the meetings we had, to the brainstorming we did, to the photo-shoot fun, to the long hours it takes to publish an edition and to the satisfaction we get to see our work up there. *clinks*

We express our gratitude to our mentor Ms. Shweta Paropokari for guiding us with her fine sense of literary acumen and to the management for their support.

In this edition we have various articles like fun Halloween inspired Nail art and Wall hanging Earring holder. Reminisce Greek mythology with The Crimson Horizon. Giving a bit of insight to the placements going on we have an article on Recruitments. We are also introducing a bulletin on our homepage which will notify you about the on-going and upcoming events in KMIT.

Like proud parents we sit back and watch our brain child grow into an amazing platform providing opportunities to those who have the zeal to express what they think. We also have a fresh, talented junior team excited to contribute for this anniversary edition.

The articles from contributors, feedback from readers, the great comments of appreciation from the faculty is a beautiful loop of learning and giving more than what we take. We wish to thank our supporters who offered their time to make us a success.  With your continued support, we look forward to many more years of growth.

Let’s  all say in unison -Think, Integrate, Evolve.

Neeharika Palepu,

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