Social media is named aptly so because it’s a tool to be social. Unfortunately, there are many amongst us who do the most insane things on Facebook and Twitter that makes you roll your eyes.

1. People who think their every moment should be posted.

These kind of people think everything they do is informative, or useful for their followers. In reality, however, no one cares. We know you must be bored, but still what makes you think anyone would be interested to know when you woke up, or what song were you listening at 2 A.M. A good trick to avoid being like this is thinking “Will this be informative or entertaining to anyone who follows me?” before posting it!

2. The Foodies!

These people just spoil the moment while posting about it. They are just busy recording the moment than experiencing it! I’ve come across people who demand the waiters at the hotel to present the food they order, in a unique way, just so that they could post it on social media to get more likes! Seriously?

3. The Game Requester

When you login after a very long day and you notice there is a notification. You expect your friend has mentioned you or commented on one of your photos, but instead, you find out its candy crush request! I understand there is nothing more frustrating than this!

4. The Deactivator

This person thinks, the reason of him/her not being able to concentrate on some of their important works (eg. studying for exams) is because of social media and believes the only way to stay away from it is by deactivating the account. This person announces his departure from social media every time he thinks of doing so.

5. The #Hashtagger

The hashtagger thinks every word in the sentence needs to be hashtagged.  #It #makes #it #so #hard #to #read #the #sentence #and #is #quite #annoying. So these are a few major categories of people on social media.


Do you see yourself in any of these personality types? Perhaps you’re a combination of more than one? Now it’s time for you to decide which category you belong to. We guess, in social media, you can’t be choosy and you certainly can’t have it both ways. Either you get dealt with an annoying group of social media friends who overshare their thoughts, or ones that have no thoughts at all! Well, such is life.



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