Have you ever faced  physical trouble and felt paranoid on finding that your sibling was facing the same physical trouble at the same time? All of you might not have experienced this but this can commonly be spotted among twins. This is where the word twin telepathy came to light. This amazing psychic ability, as people believe it to be, has piqued the interest of many people. It has been a topic of curiosity for years. It is a connection which may vary from a vague feeling of the other twin being in danger, to continuous telepathic communications. Unbelievable, isn’t it?To bridge the gap between our world to the fascinating world of twins, here are some fun facts-

  • Identical twins do not have same fingerprints even though they share almost matching DNA.
  • Almost 1 in 250 pregnancies end up with twin birth.
  • When twins are young, they develop their own autonomous language.
  • In case of conjoined twins, one can taste and feel the experiences of the other.
  • Twins’ mother tends to live longer than normal mothers.
  • Twins can have different dads.
  • Twins are twice as likely to be left handed than individually born people.
  • Twins can also be born months apart!

Though there is no scientific evidence to back the telepathic theory up, many real-life instances have proved this hypothesis to be true. One such case reveals circumstances that are very impressive and convincing.

Saved by a twin -

In 2009, twins Leanne and Gemma had experienced something that made them realise just how much of a connection they shared. One day while Gemma was doing her daily chores, she had a feeling, out of the blue, that her twin was in trouble. She knew that her sister was taking a bath, so there was no need to suspect, but following her intuition, she went to the bathroom to check up on her. This helped her save her sister. She saw Leanne submerged underneath the water due to a seizure  and had  passed out. Had Gemma not reached Leanne on time, she would have been dead.

Paranormal events experienced by people like the story above are often enough to convince people that there is a very real phenomenon taking place behind. While some believe in this phenomenon, some just dismiss the whole ideology saying it is a mere coincidence. Any person to some extent might feel this might be an exaggeration but it is basically a strong connection between the twins. Every twin in his/her life definitely faces this intuition, be it a major or a minor incident.

If you ever have come across twins, you would notice that they have a tendency to complete each other’s sentences. People who do not believe in this might have to reconsider their opinions.   

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