It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge -Albert Einstein

Our teachers made us what we are. While they take utmost care to nurture us, how much do we really know them? Well, being final year students, my co-author Way and I decided to tell you amusing yet inspiring facts about the Lecturers at KMIT.


We know him as an ingenious person, but there’s much more!

  1. He was the Captain of the Badminton team of Osmania University during his Engineering and he represented O.U. for various National and State level badminton competitions.
  2. Apart from KMIT, he runs a Dairy which is completely organic.
  3. His interest lies in Astrology as well, he can read the Jatakam of a person!
  4. His average attendance during his B.E was less than  20% as he believes in all round development apart from academics

VINAY PATANKAR SIRPress_Photo_JPG0_687860f

His love for electronics is not unknown to any of us but that’s not all

  1. He not just sings but plays the Flute & the Harmonium.
  2. He was always among the Top 10 students of his class, but his priorities included sports as well.
  3. He was a Weight Lifting Champion for three consecutive years during his Engineering.
  4. He likes to paint, here’s one of his master pieces:IMG-20130303-WA0034
  5. He actively participates in Plays(Marathi).


We know that is passionate about teaching. What we didn’t know was:

  1. He served in the Army, and after his retirement  joined KMIT.
  2. He was a first Bench-er.
  3. His favorite sports include Cricket, Badminton and Table Tennis

SIDDHARTHA GHOSH SIR309262_10151360544477655_534616447_n

Head of the Computer Science Department, but that’s too less to describe him

  1. He runs an orphanage at Agartala along with his friends, called Naba Prantik which is home to 40 kids. He takes time to visit the kids at least twice a year.
  2. He holds the Award for IBM’s Best Innovative Faculty (2010) for which he was rewarded $10,000.
  3. His hobbies include Digital Painting.

    Dedicated to all farmers, workers, daily labours who make our life easy. (creation time – 10mins)

ASHA MA’AMFB_IMG_1427179261706

She needs no introduction specially to Electronics students, but she has varied interests.

  1. She is a Shopaholic
  2. She is Vegan and at the same a brilliant cook.
  3. As a student she always used to calculate if her attendance was good enough, to bunk college without hesitation!


He is not a lecturer but can we imagine KMIT without him?  While he is stern when it comes to following rules, he is a very fun loving person.

  1.  He takes pride in being a resident of Old City.
  2. He topped every test while at school.
  3. He stood 16th in the Intermediate Public Examination for which he was awarded Merit Scholarship for four years of Engineering.


We know her as an Economics expert, but that’s not all she is.

  1. She was the ‘gang leader’ during her college life.
  2. As a student she was a Running Race champion and loved to play Throwball.
  3. Her hobbies include Fabric Painting and Cooking.


If you think he is just a math wizard, you are so wrong

  1. He stood District First in Type Writing.
  2. He holds an NCC ‘C’ Certificate.
  3. He was a Chess Champion while at School.

As students our lectures were not very different from us, if we take them as our inspiration, I’m sure each one of us can do wonders in life.

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