The perks of being a wallflower is a deep novel written by American author Stephen Chobsky ,which is all about the teenage roller coaster ride. Fifteen year old Charlie is the main character of the story who is sensitive and shy, basically a wallflower. This story is beautifully written in the form of letters addressed to an anonymous person by Charlie also includes a poignant poem which is supposed to be a suicide note.

As the story begins Charlie loses his friend Michael, who commits suicide. This makes Charlie emotionally unstable. At the same time death of his beloved Aunt always haunts him as he misses her. Meanwhile, his Middle school begins and he comes across many new friends who are mostly his seniors. He hangs out at parties with them and eventually his friendship with Sam and Patrick brings a twist in his life. He falls in love with Sam, who is a confident and bold girl, and cares for Charlie as a good friend. Patrick is Sam’s step brother and a social guy who turns out to be gay. Charlie enjoys the pleasures of life like never before and lives the infinite moments with them. The catching quotes like “I swear we felt infinite” brings a sense of happiness for the readers. But, unknowingly his life tangles with the dark side of teenage life and he finds himself dealing with relationships, drugs, alcoholic problems. The memories of Aunt Helen and the serious issues with his family and friends turn the story into a painful one. The rest of the story illustrates how he gets over it. At the end, however, unbearable pain leaves Charlie hospitalized. He then, peacefully thinks about his future and flushes away past and prepares himself for many more chapters of his life to unfold before him.

This is the brief summary of the story. As you know what really happens at the end now discover yet another ending for the story here:


August 23, 1992

From the day Sam left, I am daily visiting my Aunt Helen’s grave. I stay there for long hours, sometimes even the entire night and my parents drive me back home. Everything would be the same until that dream. It changed my perception towards life.

I was on a sea shore and started walking towards the land. Somewhere far behind the mist, I saw Aunt Helen’s grave. As I moved closer, I was surprised. It was me, grown up, no more a teenager. I was offering flowers to my Aunt Helen. I was more surprised when I observed that a hand was holding mine and it was Sam’s. She was as beautiful as she is now. I saw myself happy and out of all the pains, my heart was at last in safe hands. I moved towards them but, in seconds the illusion was gone.

I was lost in thoughts, but they were interrupted by someone’s weep. I followed that sound and I found myself in an illusion again. Many people had gathered for someone’s funeral. I stepped closer and there were my friends and my family. My mom was crying continuously, my dad mourning and my sister weeping and my bother consoling. Near the grave, I saw a beautiful girl silently shedding tears. I heard her whisper “Why did you do this”? It was Sam’s voice. I was traumatized when I saw my name on the grave. I was taken aback and again in seconds the illusion was gone.

“You have to choose Charlie, You have to choose” many voices whispered.

I was restless and no sooner the dream broke. Many thoughts arose in my mind “What a frightful dream was that?” “Why did I do what Michael did?” but then, I am glad that it was a dream and I was glad that I still had time to choose, to choose how my future would be. I remembered what Sam told me “Be honest and be what you really are. We can’t choose where we come from but we can choose where to go.”

Now, it was the time to decide and my heart said that, I would never want to be another Michael. I want to be with Sam, how it was in that dream. So, I decided to wipe off all the haunting memories. I knew it would be very difficult for me, but, I had to do it for a better future. Then, that poem struck my mind, which was supposed to be some suicide note. I immediately started searching for that poem. I strike out some lines. And I rewrote those lines.

“That’s why on the back of a brown paper bag

He tried another poem

And he called it “Absolutely Nothing”

Because that’s what it was really all about

And he gave himself an A

And a slash on each damned wrist

And he hung it on the bathroom door

Because this time he didn’t think

He could reach the kitchen.

He decided to stand up for everything

And that was bold indeed

That’s why on the back of a brown paper bag

He tried another poem

And he called it “Absolutely everything”

Because that’s what it was really all about.

And he hung it on the kitchen door

Because this time he didn’t think

He could hide it anymore.

I was very happy that I would never let the past reflect on my future. I started thinking about that dream again, but, I was interrupted by the phone.

“Hello, Charlie, we are coming to pick you up in 10 minutes” said Sam. It was so nice to hear her voice and nicer that she was back from Penn states for the summer.

Later, Sam and Patrick came by in Sam’s pickup truck. We went to Big Boy and remembered those sweet memories and later we drove into that tunnel. Patrick played our favorite songs and I told them about my dream and about my decision. Sam was delighted and hugged me tight. Patrick was happy too. I stood up in the tunnel and felt the wind kiss my skin. I was lost in the songs, in the mesmerizing weather and this time with Sam. And at that point we were again infinite.

Tomorrow, I start my sophomore year. And I am confident that this year I wouldn’t be afraid anymore. I will feel bad that my old friends wouldn’t be with me and also that, Bill wouldn’t give me more books to read. But, they will always be special to me and I will frequently meet them. Also, this year I will try to participate more and try to make new friends. I am not sure whether I will have time to write any letter to you. So, this might be my last letter. And believe that things will be good in my life. And I will believe the same about you.

Love always,                                                                                                   Charlie



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