As I look out of the window, I see the morning sky grey with rain. The gusts of winds are knocking at my door. Being cold for such a long time isn’t a very good feeling. However, the dampness and the icy shades of the outside world have now been concealed by warm blood flowing through the veins of this body. My body.
I bathe, wash my hair, clean myself and do all the things that’ll make me feel normal. All of this acts as a reassuring escape and helps me forget the dark and lifeless time. But oh! How I’ve missed this! It’s been so long since I’ve felt like a human. Wandering through the hall, I see a mother looking at me in a rather odd way. Well, why wouldn’t she? I try and act normal but stumble upon a chair while walking. You see I’m not used to this. She glares at me with fear and disgust. I knew she could sense the eerie.
Nonetheless, I walk back to my room and couldn’t help but notice the new décor. Something about those stars in a circle gives me pleasure and so does the Inverted Cross. Amidst all of this, I hear the voices of worried parents who can’t seem to fathom the fact that their daughter has changed. I tried being nice to them but their decision to call the priest wasn’t right either so they had to pay for it. Since then, our conversations have been close to nothing. I’ve been yearning for the warmth of a human body for so long and now that I have it, why should I give it up?
Little did they know that I’m a brutal tenant. I shan’t obey any more rules. I will not rot away this time. They tried to get rid of me with their useless attempts. How do I tell them that their godly chants won’t have any effect on me? They only sound like enchanting rhymes, creating a sweet melody.
There was a time when I was scared and vulnerable, wandering on the face of the Earth. That’s when I saw her, Jennifer. I couldn’t help but notice how remarkably similar we looked. We had the same features, the same structure, and a similar voice. Except for one thing: her eyes. Her eyes were a light shade of hazel, while mine were blue as the ocean. That's when I realized that she was the one. There seemed to be an instant connection between us. I could sense the chill down her spine as I moved closer to her. The rare innocence in the eyes of the 17-year-old had caused immense distress to me. But I wasn’t powerful enough to possess her healthy body.
A while later, I came across a lean man with a crooked smile. He claimed to be a mediator between the human and my world. He goes by many names, "Soul Collector" being the most famous one. I expressed my desperation and, to my surprise, he agreed to help.
“That settles it. I take her soul and you keep her body. But there are some rules”, he said.
“I’m ready to adhere to all the rules.”
With a glare piercing through me, he replied, “You may possess her body but you must be wary. No harm shall come to her or her loved ones. A single scar on her skin and you pay the price. Break this rule, and I will cascade onto your heart leading to your dreadful demise and send you to a place where you shall experience your darkest nightmares coming to reality with no escape. Make this vow only if you are brave enough.”
I knew this was risky, but I couldn’t bear the agony and emptiness anymore so we struck a deal and since then I’ve had Jennifer’s body as my pawn.
I have treated her body like my own. As her parents drown in helpless tears at the failed attempts to bring her back, I smirk and shed crocodile tears. Mother looks at me with disgust and tries talking to her daughter.
“Jennifer? I know you’re in there. Reach out to me darling. I’m right here.”
I couldn’t help but laugh at her foolish attempts to get Jennifer back. Jennifer is gone. Long gone leaving her body as a vessel for me. When will she understand that Jennifer will never return and I will never leave?

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