As another chapter of our lives comes to an end, it’s time to look back on the amazing journey we took as students of 2023 and enjoy it. Among all of our favourite memories and most meaningful experiences, there is one thing that has stayed the same: the unbreakable bond we made with kMITRA. It has helped us find out more about ourselves, encouraged our creativity, and helped us make friends for life. In this heartfelt farewell centrepiece, we present the heartfelt thoughts and sentiments of our graduating batch, as we bid adieu to kMITRA, forever grateful for the memories we will carry with us.


For me, kMITRA started off as something relaxing to do in this college. What I didn’t know was that it would end up giving me a family of sorts. I’ve made most of my friends here, gone on vacations and parties with them, and had them by my side for all highs and lows. In the last 3 years, I realise how much I took for granted the sense of community that kMITRA provided. There will never be another place like this. I will always look forward to the editions that my juniors put out, and maybe even contribute a few guest articles here and there when I’ve got time on my hands. For now, I bid adieu.” Love – Vaish


First of all, it’s hard to believe that I would be graduating within a couple of months. Feels like it was just yesterday I joined KMIT. Looking back I am grateful for a lot of things including the time when I was featured in the first ever YouTube video shot by kDarshan- the creative productions of KMIT named “Talents of KMIT.” I found friends for life and made irreplaceable bonds here. From attending Neil sir’s classes, solving codes in tessellator to attending events and enjoying everything was memorable. If I were to give one advice to the juniors, I would say try everything that you’ve ever wanted to and get out of your comfort zone. Learn, live and laugh throughout your days in the college as it is indeed going to make the future you.” – Meghna


When I think about KMIT, it’s like an avalanche of memories, special faces, and mind-blowing experiences rushing in. On my first day of college, I had zero clue that I’d stumble upon a family for life. We were a wild bunch, always up to something—laughing, crying, fighting, and exploring every nook and cranny of the campus (and the entire city). And kMITRA takes it to a whole new level. This tribe knows how to work word magic, making it one-of-a-kind. It’s a sanctuary where comfort, laughter, and love flow like an endless river, always there for you. College stories hold a special place in your heart, residing there rent-free, forever etched as the most treasured moments. They’re the ones you hold dear, the absolute best of times. I’d give anything to hit that rewind button and experience it all over again—the laughs, the tears, the insane adventures. We truly lived it up. Those years moulded us like nothing else. The friendships we forged were built on shared moments and deep connections. If I had the chance, I’d jump on it without a second thought. I’d soak up every single moment of that college journey, relishing every bit of it. But time flies, doesn’t it? As we approach the moment of parting ways, we realize how deep our bonds run. Looking back now, my heart swells with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for this place and my buddies. I’m gonna miss each and every one of you like crazy!” – Saranya


kMitra was the place where I first came across very talented and intelligent seniors. All my interactions with them were enlightening. I feel extremely grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community which lets you express yourself and also meet like minded individuals. Glad to be a part of it.” – Aman


Four years, and just like that- all of it will be in the past. Time sure does fly. From this point onwards, life is going to set a new course for all of us. It is frightening to imagine what lies ahead. Frightening because I might not often see those familiar faces whose beautiful smiles would bring a sense of comfort, people whom I could call my own. From planning a mass bunk before the PPS test, which was “compulsory,” standing in the hour-long queues [wouldn’t honestly call it a queue] in the canteen, craving for Omkar Bhaiya’s Pani Puri, going on short trips [even if it was to Yadagirigutta], helping juniors bunk [aka random acts of kindness], praying for that one faculty member to come for invigilation when you have not read a word for your mid exams, to being a part of intense prep before fests…I will miss it all. To all the beautiful souls I’ve met in or via KMIT, thank you for making me miss college for reasons that an article cannot suffice, and all the best!” – Ananya


Working at kMITRA has been an incredible experience filled with growth, curiosity, and fun. Every team member has a unique lens through which they view the world and learning about it through them and their work has expanded my views in ways my younger self cannot fathom. From learning so much from my mentor to witnessing my mentee become a better writer every edition, the entire process had been very rewarding to witness. The only advice I have is to keep an open mind and double down on your curiosity. Cheers!” – Krishna Chaitanya


As I prepare to bid farewell and embark on a new chapter of my life, I am overwhelmed with nostalgia. Writing this takes me back to when I first joined KMIT, and during the orientation of all the clubs (and kMITRA), my focus was solely on kMITRA because I believed it to be the coolest place to be-and it truly was. From writing articles, and mentoring others, to serving as an editor, my time here has been nothing short of wonderful. Despite the pandemic diminishing some of the fun we could have had, being a part of kMITRA brought me immense joy. I owe a special mention to all the incredible people I met through kMITRA, as they made me feel like I truly belonged. The past four years have flown by faster than I would have liked, and I will genuinely miss being a part of kMITRA. I hope that future members of kMITRA will experience the same sense of belonging and camaraderie that I have treasured during my time here.” – Kshetra


kMITRA and its people have always been one of the best parts of my college life. I’d like to thank everyone from the team for providing me with this place to share my ideas and be part of an active community. The meetings, online discord nights, and the never-ending team lunches are something that will stay with me forever. I’d like to thank every one of my team members for making this journey such a beautiful one. And most of all, huge thanks to my mentors at kMITRA Shweta Ma’am and Jagruth for helping me along the way.” – Prajwal


Four years flew by, and I couldn’t have asked for a better engineering life. I’ll miss sitting in classrooms, waiting for lunch, rushing to the canteen to grab a table, walking on the campus, making excuses to security guards for not wearing an ID card, online classes, writing records, standing for two and a half hours in the workshop, chem lab, BEE lab, AP lab, bunking classes, preparing for Dandiya Nights, Patang Utsav, KMIT evening, pulling all-nighters the night before submissions and exams, surviving pre-FS, FS, recruitment drives. I’m grateful for the lifelong friends and memories we’ve made together.” – Varsha

It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that college is coming to an end. It feels like just yesterday I was that naive, hopeful kid, stepping into this new chapter with dreams of a Shekhar Kammula-esque college life. But in reality, something even more extraordinary happened here – life itself unfolded. Surprisingly, I’ve grown to love the unpredictability and richness of this journey. College taught me that life is a mosaic of exhilarating highs, humbling lows, and invaluable lessons. With deep gratitude and no regrets, I bid a physical goodbye to college as an adult ready for life, while forever carrying the spirit of a student in my heart. ” – Sreelaya

As I bid farewell to these four memorable years in college, my heart swells with a bittersweet melody of emotions. This experience has been nothing short of extraordinary, filled with laughter, tears, friendships, and growth. College life has been a transformative journey that has shaped me in many ways and has allowed me to discover who I truly was. I express my gratitude to my teachers and friends for their unwavering support throughout this journey. While it is evident that there won’t be any other time in my life like these four years, I look forward to an exciting future where I can reflect upon the lessons I learnt here.” – Saketh

These four years of engineering have been full of extraordinary experiences and memories, which I owe to my friends. After giving the pen-it test on a whim during my first year of college, I got into Kmitra. Even though I have always imagined stories in my head, I never thought I could articulate my fiction and draw readers to my stories. Starting with seven views on my first article and ending with the most viewed articles, my journey with Kmitra has been incredible. My gratitude goes out to Kmitra for encouraging and bringing out my inner writer.” – Nita

I still remember the days when I only used to write for myself, afraid to show it off to the world. But here I am, with an article on almost every edition. KMitra has not only rekindled my love for writing but also made me grow, both as a person and a writer. The balance of encouragement and constructive criticism from my seniors at kMitra played a major role. Not to lay it on thick but, the team is the coolest and I mean it. I am sure that my juniors will continue the legacy by putting out many more amazing editions and I look forward to it. Even though I might be graduating, I will always be part of kMitra for good and all. Until next time!” – Azhhar

When I joined kMitra back in 2019, I had no idea what to expect and frankly, I was quite intimidated. I wondered if I’d ever be able to fit in with this incredibly creative, funny, and intelligent bunch. This place has helped me grow as a person. From doubting if I belonged here to being the representative and heading the PR team, I’ve learnt invaluable lessons and found myself along the way. kMitra will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I will cherish the memories I’ve created here.”Kruthi

It was a Thursday afternoon. Having written nothing but essays for my boards, I wasn’t sure if I would make the cut as a writer for kMITRA. Despite the uncertainty, I trusted my gut and gave my Pen-It. Four years later, I am glad that I made that decision because kMITRA has been so much more than just a college e-magazine. The meetings, Discord nights, team lunches, and farewells, all of these will be special parts of my college life. And so will all the friends I made throughout this beautiful journey. Thanks to all the seniors who mentored me to become a better developer and writer, and also to all the team members for making kMITRA more than just a ‘club’. Going forward, I hope that kMITRA continues to be such a great environment, and that everyone gets to experience the truly wholesome community it is.” – Taahir

I joined kMITRA because I loved to write, but what I didn’t expect as part of the package was friendship, a sense of community, and giggling till my stomach hurts. kMITRA has the power to give one a family and make memories to carry forever. As I leave it today I am happy and also sad, for all that I will miss- the memories, the almost memories, the seniors I looked up to, the juniors I wish best for, and some really lovely writing.” – Shreya

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