I like how you smile knowing I can see you. I like how you laugh knowing I can hear you. I like how you try to forget knowing I can feel you. But most of all I love how you are living, pretending I am not here, even though I’m just a breath away from you.

Your heart is racing, breath caught in your throat as you feel mine on your neck. Your neck tingles and you stop whatever you are doing. You knew I was always around you, close to you, but you never knew just how close we always were.

Your mind is blank, your hands are shivering and you are frozen in your spot. Am I that cold? A part of you wants to run far away from me, run away in the opposite direction and never look back. But the other part of you, the bigger one won’t move, because you know. You really, really know. You are smart and intelligent and amazing because you know that you would only make things worse for yourself if you ever try to run away from me. You, dear sweetheart, know better than that, don’t you?

I can’t wait for the day to finally take you. It might not be today but it is pretty close. We are after all forever bound to each other.

Your eyes are closed tight and you are too scared to take a breath. You could feel me. Oh love, of course, you could feel me, because if you couldn’t, who else would? Oh, and your fear makes me feel so, so high and this proximity is making me go crazy.

Someone calls you from outside. Your family. You could barely hear a word over our silent conversation. I take a step back and you hear them call you again. Your mouth moves in reply but no sound comes out. You take a shaky breath and clear your throat, your eyes still shut because you knew if you opened them― tears were sure to fall. You tell them you’ll be there soon. Still unsure whether I was there or not. You open your eyes and take a step forward, waiting to see if today was finally the day.

Nothing happens.

You splash your face with water and look at yourself in the mirror, wondering why fate was playing such a cruel game with you.

Oh darling, you are giving fate too much credit for my work.

You try to calm yourself down and join the rest of the world, pretending nothing ever happened between us.

Today I let you go, but honey, don’t get used to it. I might not be so kind next time.

And let me tell you this, the Prey always gets caught when I am the Predator.

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