I had recently received a call from StuMagz, an online magazine which provides a platform to talented students across India. They had asked me to deliver a speech to a few students, in a talk something similar to Ted. This put me in a fix as to what I could speak to those students who were of the same age as mine. Neither am I a huge musician in the industry today nor a great public speaker to inspire these students. I thought about the present. Found nothing. Had a look at the past. Found nothing. Guessed at the future, just the same. Lost in these thoughts, I delved deep into my nostalgia.

As the saying goes ” The best of you is incorporated when you’re at a tender age”, I started learning music at the age of 5. I remember the day when I said that the tone of the “tanpura” (a musical instrument which acts as a reference for scale) was set wrong. That’s when it all began. My mother was pregnant with my sister and yet, she would accompany me to the music lessons as I was adamant about not attending those classes. She learned music solely to motivate me, right from the third grade through the fifth grade, when I would win my first prize, a consolation, in a music competition, until the time I recognized my passion.

If not for my relentless and persevering mother, I wouldn’t be at this moment. When I had gone to school to show my first ever achievement, I was asked as to what I would want to become. I didn’t have an answer. I just said I wanted more of these. It looked very fancy on my showcase. I dreamt of filling the rack with more of those.

I remember the first time I ever went to a studio, to record a cover for a school friend. Never did I know, that it was so simple to record. All it took was Rs.400 an hour to record with quality as close to that of a movie track. That was when I realised I could do that on my own too. I started writing my own songs and composed them. I asked my mom for Rs.400 and started recording my own singles. My singles were widely appreciated within my friend circle. I started collaborating with various artist friends and made quite a lot of music on YouTube. I dreamt of making singles which hit a million views.

Today I’m about to start my journey in a field where I’ve not yet received accolades. I dreamt of filling the rack with a fancy to make the rack look good. I dreamt of making singles which would hit a million views. These dreams cost me nothing. They cost me time which has given a reap which was more than expected. The best investment for oneself is one’s investment as to what one dreams. I dream of becoming a music director in the next 10 years. I hope to inspire the future. Neither because my impact is less in the present nor am I a genius waiting for ‘the’ time. But because the greatest investment in the future is dreaming for it in the present. And that is your greatest investment.

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