Do not let fear stop you from doing the thing you love.

An ambitious koala, an old, frail iguana, an over-confident mouse, an insecure elephant, a devoted momma sow, a teenage porcupine, a conflicted gorilla, an overly enthusiastic pig and a friendly and helpful sheep make up Sing’s lead characters.

The story is quite simple. The koala, Buster Moon owns a theatre and he is slowly going broke due to the lack of success. So, to save his theatre, he does the obvious- host a singing competition. The plan is very simple. Print out flyers with the prize money, distribute them and wait for people, in this case, animals, to come attend the auditions.

To say that everything goes according to the plan is overrated. We wouldn’t have a movie if it did. A teeny tiny mistake causes animals to show a lot more interest than what was expected. Moon has a great time at the auditions. He cannot believe that so many animals have actually turned up for the auditions. Animals from all walks of life come and sing beautiful and popular numbers and this part of the film is a lot of fun.

The auditions come to an end and the chosen animals are named. Moon needs a sponsor for the show and tries to rope in Nana Noodleman, a popular, old theatre artist whose work has served as Moon’s inspiration.

Once again, everything goes horribly wrong. Can Moon find a way out this time? What will happen to his singing competition? Can he save his theatre? Will he?

What I really liked about this film was how the writer and director Garth Jennings takes in examples from real life and incorporates them into his characters. The fact that nobody’s life is or comes easy is clearly portrayed through each of his characters.

Sing has a well written yet predictable plot with some quote worthy dialogues. One of my favourites is when Moon tells his friend, Eddie, “You know what’s great about hitting rock bottom? There’s only one way left to go and that’s up!”

In my opinion, Sing has a predictable storyline. The same old story where everybody has big dreams and to achieve them, they must learn to accept themselves and work hard to get over the obstacles that lay ahead in the road they want to take.

However, films with themes like these never go out of style. Sing is a fun, jolly watch that I would definitely recommend to anybody who wants to watch a movie, have a few laughs and come out feeling positive.

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