Every computer science engineer worth their salt knows that in the ever-competitive IT industry, in order to stay relevant, learning constantly is of paramount importance.

In view of this, KMIT always strives to leave no stone unturned in making sure its students are not in the dark when it comes to learning contemporary technologies. To further drive its agenda, KMIT, in collaboration with Salesforce, conducted a three-day workshop from Jan 10 – 12, 2018.


Salesforce was founded in 1999 and was one of the first cloud computing companies. Today, it is widely considered as the #1 CRM company in the world. Salesforce is also the name of their flagship product, which is a highly customizable CRM (Customer Relationship Management).


The workshop was mainly aimed at students who had little-to-no-expertise in Salesforce Technology. It began with an introduction to Salesforce and then proceeded to Trailhead, Salesforce’s very own platform for beginners.

Trailhead is described as “The fun way to learn Salesforce”, which, by the way, I wholeheartedly agree with. It has a huge collection of modules and “trails” across various roles such as Developer, Admin, or Business User.

You can choose the role of your choice, and the modules related to it are suggested to you by Trailhead. As you go on finishing different modules, you are awarded badges and points. Having a Super Badge in your Trailhead profile is indicative of your proficiency in the subject.

Throughout the three days of the workshop, we worked on the Business Administration Specialist Superbadge. It involved completing badges such as creating reports, assigning user privileges, importing data, to name a few.

On the first two days of the workshop, we worked on the modules and only after completing the final module was the Super Badge unlocked. The whole of the final day of the workshop was spent working on the Super Badge.

Although the Super Badge was a tad bit tedious, the wonderful trainers from Salesforce ensured that every one of the 120-plus students was on the same page. They were extremely patient and cleared each and every doubt any student had before moving ahead. And, I think, that was what made the gruelling hours of the workshop worthwhile. 

For those of you to whom Business Administration Specialist doesn’t sound like their cup of tea, don’t worry! Trailhead’s got you covered. It has a plethora of other modules catering to a wide spectrum of technologies: IOT, Machine Learning etc.

So, don’t wait. Start your Salesforce journey here! Happy Trailblazing!

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