The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

-Albert Einstein

Our thirst for knowledge wills us to rise above all other creatures of nature.
We question and analyze things till they make some sense to us.
We try to look at things from all possible perspectives and then search for the practical applications of the knowledge we have acquired, trying to make our existence on earth a little more meaningful and a little less inconsequential.
We look for acknowledgement of efforts.

Hence the need for quizzes.
A test of our mortal intellect perhaps?
KMIT held its annual quiz in two rounds.
The written prelims on 22nd January, after which only 15 teams were cleared to go on to the final round on 24th January.
It was held in the Sardar Vallabhai Patel Auditorium, hosted by Dr. Siddharth Ghosh (H.O.D. of the C.S.E department ) and Shweta Ma’am (BEC & SS Trainer).

We got to see a lot of audience participation with the questions not answered by the teams.
After the first round of Mains only 9 teams went forward to the Second round, which was a rapid fire round.
The teams with higher scores got priority on the choice of topics.
The third round was multimedia based.
Way Ch and Karthik Raju ,fourth year students from CSE Branch, were victorious and walked away with a cool thousand rupees.

The first runner ups were Sumith and Aashish.

And the second runner ups were Anirudh and Aashish

With each round , the crowds excitement rose and the questions were interesting.
People are definitely waiting for the next event on the agenda,which is a Short Film Festival – coming soon….!
Can’t wait to see the KMIT’s Movie enthusiasts bust out their movie reels and show their talent.

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