Moana is a typical Disney film. A small girl with big dreams, stuck on an island as the chieftain’s daughter. She knows that she has to take over as chief but in order to do that, she has to let go of her long standing dream- to sail. To sail across the sea and beyond the horizon, to explore. She is constantly reminded of what is expected out of her. So, she resigns herself to fact that the island is where she belongs. But, it does not end here. Surprise surprise. A not-so-unexpected turn leaves us watching Moana sail across the ocean to find Maui, a hero-turned-villain in the eyes of Men and together, they go an adventure.This movie is very much like Pocahontas,it is all about embracing nature, taking decisions, thanking mother Earth. Though the story line is quite predictable, Moana is fun watch.


Where anyone can be anything.

Judy Hopps, a farm bunny from the country side dreams of becoming a police officer in Zootopia, the big city where predator and prey live in harmony. Judy becomes the first bunny-cop of Zootopia and is assigned to precinct one, the heart of the city and is given parking duty. Enthusiastically punching 200 tickets a day, Judy gets conned by Nicholas Wilde, a sly fox, con-man. More like, con-fox. Judy, embarrassed, wants to get even and traps Nick into helping her solve a ‘missing animal’ case. Initially, they are at loggerheads but warm up to each other eventually, growing to be good friends in a very short. yet completely mental span of time, unveiling something that has the potential to tear apart Zootopia. The way the creators weave together a crime drama with cute animals is truly amazing. Zootopia is a good watch, definitely worth all that time and money.


Kubo, a one-eyed young boy who lives with his mother atop a stone hill, goes down to the market everyday with his shamisen (a stringed instrument); its music causes paper to magically manipulate itself into origami, to tell stories of a warrior named Hanzo. Kubo’s mother always warns him to not stay out after dark, so he rushes home before sunset everyday. But one day, he doesn’t. His flouting of a rule causes a massive change of plot and starts a chain of events which involve Kubo’s mother’s death, a talking monkey, a cursed beetle, a cute origami paper figure and villains who look like V from V for Vendetta. This movie is all about finding answers to all of the questions Kubo has about his past and of course, it is also about wonderful origami. Kubo and the two strings is an interesting watch with a good story line.


This film starts off just like any other adventure movie. There is a sea, a storm, thunder, lightning, rain, a man and an overturned boat. The man washes ashore to a lonely, deserted island and finds fresh water, lots of bamboo and a wide variety of animals there. He wants to leave the island and builds a raft with the bamboo, only to have it destroyed by a turtle. This happens twice and one day, the turtle washes ashore and wants to get back into the water. The man, angry at the turtle, hits it with a stick and leaves it to die. He regrets his actions and comes back to undo it, but finds that the turtle has morphed into a woman (WHAAAAAT?!?!?) Slowly, the man and woman build a relationship and have a son. And like that, the story continues. The Red Turtle is a good, feel good watch, something I would most definitely recommend.


My Life as a Zucchini is one movie I couldn’t watch. Sad. But I’ve read that this film got a 100% rating from Rotten Tomatoes and an average of  8.1/10 from 46 different reviews. As I haven’t watched it, I cannot judge. But I’m sure it’s a good movie and I would definitely watch it if I ever get the chance.


After watching four of the above movies, I couldn’t decide which movie would win because they were all really good. But I’ll admit that I’ve had a soft spot or Zootopia and phew! It won!

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