Isn’t it strange,
How fast time flies and how people change?
Looking at the present everything feels the same,
but looking at the past everything feels so rearranged.

Well, I’m not writing a poetic prose about time. This is what most of the seniors answered when we asked them how they felt about graduation. In less than two months, the senior most students of our college are going to be part of the college’s alumni. So, while they are still in college, we took this opportunity to take as much advice from them as we can. We asked them various questions we always wanted to seek answers for. Read on to find out what they have to say.

What are you going to miss the most about college?

Safdar:  KMIT has offered a lot to me. But the one thing I am definitely going to miss about KMIT, is football. Of course, in the latter part of my engineering, I couldn’t get much time on field, but the initial years were boom. Showing up each day in college and waiting for each second to pass, just to see yourself landed in the midst of the football field;This feel is, and will be unforgettable.

What other interesting fields of study would you suggest?

Safdar: According to me, M.S in D.S(Data Science) is the happening thing. I was fortunate that our director, Mr Neil Gogte introduced Analytics, crux of D.S to our batch, as it gave me an insight, built my acumen and helped me understand why D.S is appropriate for me. Also, Data Science is a stream that can be applied to every domain. I aspire to peruse M.S in D.S in the coming years and would suggest the same for Computer Science enthusiasts.

Akanksha: There is nothing which can be specified. We should follow our passion and try to excel in it, rather than taking Computer Science or  any other course just for the sake of it.

How have your plans changed with Trump taking office?

Akshay: I wanted to pursue my Masters in the area of Machine Learning (M.L) and A.I, so opting to go to the U.S.A was an obvious choice because the amount of work being done there is enormous. For me going to the U.S was not about beating the social insecurities after finishing B. Tech but it was more about how this technology (M.L and A.I) fascinates me and how much I’d love to build my career around it. I was thoroughly motivated to get into one of the best universities out there.

Before the US played the Trump card, the idea was to get a decent GRE score, apply to the universities that are currently working extensively in ML and AI, take an educational loan, get a degree, a job, work until the  loan gets paid and come back home eventually. But now from the looks of it, the “come back home” part is more likely to happen before the “get a job” part and that’s too risky for a middle class student like me. So, I decided to hold and wait on my plans until harmony prevails in the states with respect to the law. Now the plan is almost the same except that I will work here in the industry for a couple of years, building a stronger resume and then follow the “plan” later.

Esha: If studying M.S is what you’re hinting at, then no, because I’ve never intended to study abroad. I have nothing against higher education, but it comes at the cost of experience (that’s a quote by Steve Jobs by the way).


If there’s one thing that you’d like to change about KMIT, what would it be?

Anoosha: Those closed gates. When we were in our first and second years, college wasn’t like this. It did not have the jail sort of gates we have now.   I just want to go back to my fresher days. It’s nostalgic  Not having fests is another thing KMIT lacks, be it the cultural or technical.

Niyati: Maybe a little more focus on cultural fests and sports events would be great.

First world problems only a KMITian will understand.

Anoosha: Annoying whistles! I believe every KMITian will relate to this and will have a lot more to add. Not being able to sit in  the canteen, being  in college before 10:30 A.M. I miss the old KMIT.

Divya: First world problems… How about having to walk all the way to the canteen from our main block?  I remember complaining so much about it during the lunch time. And also, we used to complain about how F.S is gruelling but I’m glad, since I have a job now.

Now that college is almost done, where do you see yourself in five years?         

Niyati: It feels like yesterday when I think of my first day here and it’s going to get over soon. No wonder KMIT has shaped me in the best way possible and I know I’m taking away  many things from here and I see myself strong enough to dream and also work to achieve them.

Can you describe any enriching or rewarding college experience?

Akanksha: The most rewarding experience was Finishing School. I was able to perform well in the interview because of it. KMIT has so many good opportunities to grab; I feel every student should not let them go. I can say without any doubt that my biggest achievements are only because of these opportunities.

Any piece of advice that you’d like to give the juniors?

Akshay: If you want to become a “software professional”, STICK TO F.S AND TRISHUL. F.S is a complete package one needs, to have an excellent start to one’s career in the area of Computer Science. It is fully equipped with all the necessary programs, led by a passionate team, and acts as a launching pad for students to jump into the technically sound orbits of the C.S industry. Keep exploring new technologies, work and analyze on where you fit in and ask yourself thoroughly “How can I become better at what I do?” And it is very important to know that it is NEVER too late to learn.


Here’s a list:

  1. Take every opportunity to learn.
  2. Learn to manage time effectively. You’ll never know how quickly these 4 years pass.
  3. Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s okay to make mistakes. That’s how you learn.
  4. READ. That’s how you’ll grow.
  5. Never bunk Neil sir’s classes!
  6. Explore your interests! There are numerous resources online to help you.
  7. Listen to a lot of music. To quote what Ben Jones had written in a blog back in 2006 for MIT undergraduates, songs will attach themselves to memories. Years later when you listen to those songs, it will bring back fond memories.

Dear seniors, your career so far has been nothing short of motivational. We wish you joy and happiness as you move to greener pastures to begin a new chapter in your lives. Best of luck and farewell!


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