The Monsoon is here! It is that time of the year when the heat of summer finally dies down and the rain cools down the Earth.  The fresh smell of damp Earth, the hot coffee and the tasty pakodas fills the air.

Monsoon also suggests a quick wardrobe restyling. After starving ourselves with soft and light colours through the scorching summer, its time to feed our dark colour craves!

Fabrics: Make sure to use fabrics that dry soon and are mud repellent and not see-through. Materials like Cotton with Lycra mix, Nylon, Polyester will be fine.

Colours: Avoid Whites! Dark colours like Blacks, Greys and Browns can go for the bottoms to avoid showing of any muddy stains and the tops can be bright colours like Ink Blue, Orange or Red. More luxurious colours like Turquoise or Olive Green can look absolutely refreshing.

Footwear: We need to be very careful while choosing the right footwear in this season. Leather and Canvas Shoes are a big no-no. Gum boots, Flip Flops and Rubber Slippers will the best.

Accessorise yourself with a cute hat or a fancy belt along with simple chain and ear studs to complete the look.

Style tips:

3/4th trousers are so in nowadays! They are efficient in rainy season too as they won’t get muddy.

Crop tops are good too. They can be worn with High Waisted Jeans or even Palazzo

Monsoon can be very easy too! Just pair up simple, plain top and trousers with Shrug or Jacket. Which would not only keep you warm but also dry.

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you” so stay true yourself. Happy Monsoon!

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