Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner, so you will be thinking of buying an idol. Being the environmentalist that you are and should be, you can make your own little Ganesh idol from natural clay and not harm the environment during the visarjan. Making your own little Ganesh which will keep the essence of this festival grounded.

Well, here is step by step tutorial on how to make Ganesh idol at home with clay or flour.

Materials you’ll need :

  • Eco-friendly clay
I used this!
  • Toothpick
  •  Acrylic paint

Activity time : 60 to 90 mins

Making :

  • Take the equal amounts of clay that are inside the pack.


  • Roll them together until you get even colored(white) clay.


  • This way divide the clay to form various body parts.
  • Insert a small piece of toothpick into one end of the stomach and fix the face onto that. This way these parts will stay together even after drying.
  • Fix the legs to the stomach, reinforce it with toothpicks. Press the joints of leg and stomach at the back, so that they become one and joints are not seen.
  • Roll out the hands in the same way as legs and bend them to form the shape of hands.
  • Similarly fix the ears.
  • Roll out the trunk (similar to legs and hands). Bend it and fix it to the head.
  • Make eyes, tusk and head crown.
  • After joining all parts together,apply a water coat to the idol to get a neat,glossy finish.


  • Leave it to dry for couple of days and paint them.


  • Make sure to put all the parts together before the clay gets hard.

There you go! Your Eco-friendly idol is ready.As for the immersion, leave it in your garden so that rains take care of the `back-to-earth’ part.

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