*Research and studies have shown us that time fly faster when we are learning something new. .As we take a step back and think, we notice that as we grow older the time around us starts moving faster than ever. Like a child who starts by crawling we too start off slow and steady and in no time are we pacing through the race of life. We are the eye of the hurricane watching the winds around us blow with views, scents, touches and melodies. 

Time is like a gentle breeze flowing past us and ruffling our hair. Before we realise the sweet scent it carries and take a deep breath in to enjoy it, it is long gone from our sight. All we can do it to let the air linger with its presence and feel what is left of it. 

Most of us at the beginning of the decade would have had a completely different favourite colour, favourite actor or even a different McDonalds order. Our fashion choices now would be worlds apart from what they were 10 years ago. Through this edition, we want to take you on a short but sweet journey of the last 10 years where we cover a decade of music, entertainment and anime for fun, growth of LGBTQ+, social media, awareness and knowledge about climate change in the past 10 years and the beauty of childhood’s innocence in the same period. As we begin to explore the ’20s it is always fun to go back and have a quick glance at what defined us as a decade.

To start off the new year with a thrill we have got, Doppelgänger short story that would be you leave you questioning what is real and what is not.

With time, change is inevitable. In the evolution of mankind, society plays an instrumental role, and thus the events associated with its governance and well being do too. We have Human Trafficking-Changes Over the Years to educate us about how human trafficking has prevailed in society and how it has been countered over the years. We also have a movie review of Chhappaak which highlights the plight, suffering and fight of acid attack victims, in their attempts to rebuild and lead a normal life.

As the new year settles in, we at KMIT celebrated Patangutsav on 11th January where a lot of fun events and activities were held. We have Patangutsav-2020 covering all the fun festivities and celebrations of the event. 

We are a beautiful mess and a tangle of feelings made from the people we meet, the places we go to and the world that we feel. To some, we cling on and the other we let go. And in both, we bloom and grow. In times when we feel our body is what that drags us down and is the reason for all our “imperfections”, it is necessary to embrace ourselves and all that we are, basking in the light of Body Positivity. Spread your wings, let your heart free and fly in this new year, in this New Dawn.

Hope you all have a wonderful new year!



* –  https://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/science-says-time-really-does-seem-to-fly-as-we-get-older-this-is-best-way-to-slow-it-back-down.html

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