Behold young wizards, welcome to the world of magic. I welcome you to the school of witchcraft and wizardry, Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology. You initially start your journey by getting sorted into four different houses that are CSE, IT, ECE and EIE by a sorting hat called “EAMCET”. You walk into the school through heavily guarded enchanted gates that are platform 9 ¾ King’s cross before 10:00 am that turn into mere brick walls after 10:15. Even if you enter the premises before 10:15 on your Nimbus 2000, you go through a bumpy ride with numerous speed breakers on your way only to find a cram-full parking space. The canteen and gardens remain forbidden during class hours.

What distinguishes KMITians from muggles is the identity card and its importance. It is popularly said that ‘What a wand is to a wizard is what the identity card is to the people of KMIT’.

Spend a day here without your identity card and know what it feels like to be attacked by Dementors.

Simulation of our world during mid-terms and lab internals.

To organize a game of Quidditch, the Student Council sends Google forms to the aspirants. The games only begin after 4:30 PM since everyone’s broomsticks remain stationed in the ground until then.

Want to experience a maze run in our world? Try searching for the Finishing Schools.

Courtesy: kmit_memes

The Butterbeer and Hagrid’s rock cake in our very own Hogwarts is Cavin’s chocolate shake and Chilli cheese tikka sandwich respectively. The potion of love is Frooti and our candies for barter are gone mads (chocolates) and blue lays. (Blue Lays>>>any other flavor)

In this world, every year the members of the Student Council are knighted where each of them receives their Sword of Gryffindor, a personalized badge.

To counter the boredom and break the monotony, we have clubs for the wizards. These clubs promote our wizards to spend ample time on their passions and interests.

Our world also has a magazine called kMITRA which is a family of elite, cool and like-minded wizards who use their quills to put forward the most interesting content every month. This cult is our very own Dumbledore’s army.

Every semester our wizards study a certain number of subjects after which begins their journey to destroy the constant Horcrux that is deteriorating academic performance but well, dreaming doesn’t cost anything in this world either.

Nothing in this world is as scary as getting backlogs.

People in this world long for cultural events like Dandiya Night, Patang Utsav and KMIT Evening every year. The wizards are also put to test with technical events like Poster Presentation, Ideathon, and Hackathon.

These events are the Yule Ball before the Triwizard Tournament where wizards are supposed to balance three important things- their academics, social life, and sleep.

In our world, Python is the parseltongue and not everybody seems to understand it either.

Spells are initially taught in C and then C++. Later, you transform into a pro-wizard and cast spells in Java. The only time you’re spell-bound is when you encounter Runtime Errors. One usually practices these spells on Tessellator or Telescope, our very own playground for spells. These practice sessions are to prepare you for the war of ‘campus-placements’.

In this magical journey that lasts for four years, you meet people that make you feel alive, the Hermione and Ron to your Harry. Owing to the deplorable gender ratio in Engineering colleges looking for a Gini is only going to give you a 404 error. You will also meet people like Hagrid who’ll look after you and teachers like Dumbledore who you will look up to. There will be people like Snape who will inspire you and people like Neville Longbottom who will surprise you with their courage. There will be people who will make this place feel home.

This enchanted ride is one of its kind and if you’re a part of it, hold on because it just keeps rowling.

*Alexa, play Hedwig’s theme, the reader has related way too much.*

Sorry for this, Potterheads.

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