There is nothing wrong with wanting a culinary experiment. The staff of our canteen started believing in building upon feedbacks. What does that mean? The team of kMITRA along with the PR committee is very excited to share our canteen’s new menu item.

It’s always a mitigating and relaxing feeling walking into the canteen and how better could it feel to grab a plate of RAVIOLI? Yes! RAVIOLI, a dish so satisfying, luscious and mouth-watering at the most affordable price of only Rs.80. ( Only on Fridays ). Ravioli are small pasta envelopes containing minced cheese or vegetables, usually served with a sauce.

The duration of this service would depend on the reviews given by the students. Lastly, it is being introduced in the month of April, and hence you are a victim of this prank.

Happy April Fools Day!!

April fools day/all fools day is an annual western celebration, acknowledged worldwide by spreading japes and jokes. It is the most effervescent month of the year, which is all about making fool of people by deceiving them. The best part is that nobody gets really offended. I personally think it’s a month of laughter and entertainment, and a time to remind us that no one is perfect. Everyone can be deceived in one or the other way either by words, actions or circumstances.


There are a million theories out there regarding this day, but the most famous one is that it came into the light when the Pope changed the calendar in France to the one according to the Roman calendar. The populace who knew nothing about the change continued celebrating New Year’s on April 1st, and the ones who were aware of the change started denominating them as fools and thus started the April Fool’s Day! So, if the ancient days had a strong interface like our communication system and if Pope had ever announced the changes into media, maybe we wouldn’t be able to fool our friends on that day!


France- it is called “Poisson d’Avril”. Children fool their pals by sticking a paper fish to their friend’s back and when they discover this, the prankster yells “Poisson d’Avril”.

Scotland- On the second day of April, it’s the “Taily Day” as a tail is stuck on people’s backs and victims of the pranks are called “gawks” (a name for cuckoo birds). This continues only till the dusk.

England and Canada- Pranks are played only in the morning.

In a few other countries, people throw flour at each other as part of the celebration.



  1. 1986-present – Press released a fictitious story based on New York City April Fools’ Day Parade has been emanated ever since then.
  2. April 1, 2010 – The National Republican Senatorial Committee delivered a burlesque video online, designating President Barack Obama as “truly the greatest President ever” and that he has “kept all his promises.”
  3. April 1, 2016 – Google comes up with “Mic Drop” a Gmail attribute that allows the users to send emails with an animated gif delineating a minion dropping a microphone.  This prank worked when people fortuitously clicked on the button and inadvertently sent the professional work emails with the droll animation. The feature was quickly removed after a few hours of colossal confusion.


  1. Ola Cabs changing the face of the hotel industry by allowing users to sleep in cabs.

    Source: Twitter-Olacabs


  1. IBN Live reported that an Indian version of “Breaking Bad” is going to cast Shah Rukh Khan.

    Twitter: IBN Live Buzz


  1. Uber wanted you to prank your friends.

    Source: Uber


  1. Flipkart joked about introducing a new platform to book movie tickets.

    Source: Twitter-Flipkart



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