Whoosh. That’s the sound 2014 made when it passed by.

Amidst two semesters, placements and the watchmen’s whistles, 2015 is already staring at us. We stumbled, dragged and sleepwalked our way through the semester exams. Like, yours truly. Then there were some who flew through them, nevermind. For the final years, it’s only one more to go. Phew! *does a pirouette* For the first years, the wondrous college life has just taken off.

2014 has been a bumpy ride for us as a a nation too. We broke new frontiers across fields. It has been a year of incredible technological advancement for India in space. This has, among other things, brought the ingenuity of India’s best minds to the forefront. If the year belonged  to anybody, it had to be the Indian voter. We were simply tired of the scams the frontpage carried each day, weren’t we? General elections came up with a resounding mandate, giving our nation a new government and a new Prime Minister.

Our New Year Edition is all about winter and good cheer. Have a look!

Here’s hoping 2015 keeps us all grinning from ear to ear in rain and in shine. 😀 A very Happy New Year from the k-MITRA team!

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