Pumpkins. Freaky costumes. Candies. You know it’s that time of the year where Halloween madness is everywhere. From becoming witches to devils, and undead nuns to zombie scarecrows, we all get into the Halloween spirit of spookiness, mysteries and old wives’ tales.

Maybe you’d like to go as your favorite character, but why not shock your friends by looking downright dead? Let’s face it. Halloween is supposed to be spooky and ghostly with creepy smiles, bloody clothes and contorted limbs. If you agree with me and want to look absolutely terrifying, here is a DIY for a fake bloody wound to perfectly complement your look and get you ready for Halloween!

P.S – Did you know that some people are actually afraid of Halloween? Like, seriously. Samhainophobia is the fear of the festival of the dead.

Material required:


Acrylic colors- Red, Brown.




Skin tone makeup- Foundation, compact.

Step 1

Dilute the glue by mixing with water. Then take a few tissues and tear them into pieces just a little larger than the size of the wound you want to create. Apply glue on that area of your skin as a base, and start sticking the tissue pieces.



Step 2

Apply enough glue onto your skin so that the tissues can firmly stick onto it. Now, apply glue on top of the tissue to add another layer of tissue. For a deeper wound, you can add up to 4 layers of tissues. Let it dry. (Takes a lot of time to dry, be patient. It’ll be bloody worth it.)


Step 3

Use tweezers or any sharp object to cut and mould the tissue in the shape of the wound you want.


Step 4

For the fake blood, you can mix red and brown acrylic paints. Apply the paint on the cut region of the wound. Now, apply a little foundation and compact powder on the wound such that it blends into your skin.


Step 5

For a little more detailing, you can apply eye shadow to make it look scabbier. Use sponge or even your hand to smudge the paint to make the wound look gory. You can add more paint (diluted) to give it the effect of bleeding. And you’re done!




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