Starts with the snooze of an alarm…

Once it starts, the life goes on!!

From getting up early to reaching college on time, our lives have become way too hectic than we thought it would be. It’s quite obvious and human to look out for little things that fill our hearts with contentment and beat the freaking tiredness and the pressure out of our minds. I used to bang my head, clueless, not knowing what I could do to kick the boredom of my day. This is when I started watching “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”, a couple of months ago. I started watching it with tons of excitement since it’s called the most iconic series of all time, which caught up my interest.

The series was shot in the New York cities and ends in the 10th season. The first episode of season-1 kick starts showcasing 5 friends hanging out in a rather cool coffee house, sitting on a couch and having a gala time together. They are very soon joined by a runaway bride, who leaves a guy at the altar. Soon the weirdness count goes up as the group of 5 becomes 6 and the rest is history!

The genre of this series is basically humour and romance. It’s all about 6 friends, living in New York City, going through highs and lows of lives, their relationships, their break-ups and heartbreaks and their ‘Friendship’. Each and every episode of the series offers something new, which adds to the interest of the audience and promises to entertain, which is what exactly you guys will be looking for. Some new kind of entertainment every day.

Now, describing each character of friends:

Monica and her weird obsessions, Rachel’s killer dressing style (She sets some serious dressing goals!!), Ross showing how to love, Joey’s innocence which is showcased in a way which would leave viewers in splits, Phoebe with a guitar in her hand, always lost in her own world. Her humour, her mannerism, and her talks are something to die for. She is a wonderfully weird woman. Chandler, as he is called, the king of sarcasm, who is sarcastic in every damn thing.

This group of people is the soul of “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” series.

The series showcases highs and lows of life, what it takes to be an independent woman, how love could be found again after several heartbreaks and few wonderful and bold concepts of adoption and single parenting. The theme song of this show “I’ll be there for you” is another highlight of the show. I am pretty sure that you will want to watch this show over and over again. In the last episode, when the friends bid goodbye to each other, you will be broken and you will desire for an “F.R.I.E.N.D.S-Reunion”.

So guys, go for it, start watching it straight away, have the best 20 minutes of your day.

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