We held our first ever poetry competition in college and got a decent response. As promised, the
winner poem is being featured in KMITRA’s anniversary edition! Congratulations, Swathi!
Shout out to Pratish for writing on a sensitive issue. Thank you all for participation, hope to see you

Prompt: A blind man sees colour


“Why is the sky blue?
Why can’t we see air?
Why is the grass green?”,
asked the person who could see
for the first time.

Question he was imposing were found
silly, everyone thought he was , mentally
disturbed; he was baffled, not because
people laughed but because his questions
were unanswered.
He encountered a person who asked
why he asked such silly questions.
He answered with his eyes full of
expectations, “I assumed that the sky
would be an abstract painting of colours,
the air making different waves, the grass
growing glitter.”

The person smiled at this and said,
“You are living a life of imagination.
Reality doesn’t have all the colours
one would expect. Reality has limits,
but imagination is limitless.”

The man could now see reality
but always lived in his world
of imagination, which was an
illusion, but still felt so real.

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