Hey guys! February has ended and the season is changing, I’m already feeling the summer heat. I finally get the feel that it’s 2017. The past month has been very eventful and a lot has happened in our college. The most awaited event of the semester ‘KMIT evening’ was very entertaining and there were many fun-thrilled performances. Don’t miss out to revisit the memories and check our photo article on KMIT evening. The results also created an immense disappointment among the students, the revaluation results are out. Check them out if you haven’t already. I’ve always been a movie buff and ever since 2017 kicked off I’ve been excited about ‘The Oscars’. Weren’t you excited as well? So, this edition we’ve gone exclusively ‘Oscars’. We’ve brought reviews of the nominated films, check them out! They  bring out new and interesting insights on the nominated movies.

La la land review

Hell Or High Water review

Hidden Figures review

John Wick Chapter 2 review

Manchester By The Sea review

Hacksaw Ridge review

Honestly, I’ve always loved animated movies. I make sure that, I don’t miss out watching any of them, especially the Oscar  nominees. If you love anime then check out what our writer has to say about the ‘Oscar animated film nominees’. The foreign movies always deserve an applaud and so did the nominees of this year, take a look at the ‘Oscar: Foreign film nominees‘ as well. I’m sure you will watch many of the movies after reading the reviews. One of the most loved movies was Arrival, our writer recommends that it’s a must watch for the Sci-Fi fans.

We are definitely not going to disappoint the story-enthusiasts, here’s a great short story which shouldn’t be missed. In the last edition we started talking about ‘Dollar Dreams’ and how you can pursue Masters after Trumph’s take on America.The second episode of it is out and will help you plan better.

Happy reading guys! If you have any queries or feedback don’t hesitate to write back to kmitemagazine@gmail.com



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