December is the month of introspection and looking back at the, shall we say, eventful year that was 2016. No person could have predicted the roller coaster that was this year, with its ups and downs. And so, it is understandable that many look at the oncoming year with trepidation in their minds.
From the challenges such as Mannequin Challenge, Water Bottle Flip Challenge, etc keeping netizens busy to the most defining moments such as Brexit, Donald Trump’s Victory and Demonetization, among others, the Olympic year witnessed some ground-breaking achievements and nerve-wracking moments. Techwise, Yahoo’s acquisition by Verizon; Appwise, Snapchat Memories, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and the shutdown of Vine created quite a stir in 2016. But, as we go into the new year with hope in our hearts and dreams in our minds, we at kMitra have decided to help you cross a few resolutions this month.
If your resolution is to read more books, check out a recommendation by Aishwarya Bommisetty here. If you’ve decided to refine your Instagram aesthetic with some good food, we have the perfect spot for you. If upping your pop-culture reference game is a resolution, Dheer Kamdar has a run-down of all the things to look forward to in 2017. If you want to listen to a different and fun genre of music, Madhurima Natcharaju has recommendations on a genre you might’ve never heard of. And, an article on resolutions? How very meta. Acchhi Hasmita’s article offers a humorous take on how New Year Resolutions are made (or broken?).
There’s no doubt that the biggest buzzword of the past few months was “Demonetization”. Vishnu Desai and Shikha Gheyee depict the various challenges this has presented to students. And with the majority of the country going digital, phenomena like crypto-currency has never been more relevant. Ritika Saboo breaks down Bitcoin currency. Tech-savvy folks can take a walk down memory lane with our roundup of the best tech gadgets in 2016 enumerated by Abhijit Gupta. For all the bathroom singers out there, we have a review of Sing by Lasya Priya. For those down for reading, a short story, Triangle, explores emotions and relationships. If you happen to be one of those (lucky) people who have already started their professional career, firstly, Congratulations! Secondly, here’re some observations cited by Niyati Shah which would be in tune with your experiences.
And if the upshots of 2016 become a little too much, Aashritha’s poem attempts to remind you that this year could be a happy one and Manasi writes about the guiding light in our lives proving that there’s always hope. This New Year of 2017, chase your dreams. You can do anything you put your mind to. Achieve them. Believe you can. Let this be the year. Let this be your year.
So like Dory always says, “Just Keep Swimming!”

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