With autumn entering in; July, the month of transitions, pauses at the end of summer. The crunchy leaves have turned to mush, potholes filled with rainwater, and yet the days seem longer than ever. You could either sigh with grief; for best of summer is gone, cry in pain for monsoon has still not completely set in, or you could simply grab your coffee and feast on the variety of articles that we have come up with our very first edition of this academic year.

While it rains outside, we have Nimisha and Akhil looking back at their summer, reliving their travel experiences – ‘Summer Getaway’ and ‘Trip to Wayanad’ respectively.

If you have gone Nowhere this summer, nothing could lift up your spirits more than Anmol’s article – “The Trip to Nowhere.

Or if you have done nothing this summer, Chandana is here to inspire you by sharing her summer internship experience for a good cause – ‘Voice4Girls; A Gratifying Summer Internship

And if ice creams, mangoes and outing with friends pretty much define your summer, Mahathi’s “Scoops this Summer” Ashwariya’s ‘The Lip-Smacking International Mango festival’ and Snehitha’s review of “Groove9” might grab your interest.

Do summers ever go as we plan? Well, Bhoomi and Bharat have attended the Book Chor event as they had planned, what about you? Take a look at what Akshay feels about how summers go – ‘Summers: Expectations vs Reality.

Considering that the majority of our readers are Kmitians, have you spent this summer attending classes or have you no idea about what’s going on at college at all? We are sure you can relate to ‘Types of  Kmitians this summer’ by Shreya.

Meghana celebrates ‘Colours Around Us’ bringing out the importance of Pride Month while Shivani presents ‘Gunshots for Education or Tantrums over Misery?’ – A reminder why July 12th is celebrated as Malala’s Day.

One must always be aware of what’s going on around the world.  Nikhilesh shares all that’s needed to know about ‘The Singapore Summit’18; The Trump-Kim Parallel.‘  Azam aims at spreading awareness about – “Planet or Plastic?” The campaign launched by National Geographic and Suraj brings all the News Bits of this Summer at a glance.

Whether you’re a Football freak or not, ‘Copa Mundial – FIFA World Cup 2018’ by Abhay will surely make you fall in love with the sport. On the other hand, through her experience at the recent Roller Hockey Championship – ‘Federation Cup’, Meeta tries to teach us a thing or two about Roller Hockey.

For the movie buffs, with Incredibles2 and Infinity war being released this summer, Hashmitha reviews all superheroic-things this summer through her article ‘Summer Superheroes’ and Ambica reviews the much-awaited Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘Sanju’.

Wondering how to style this Monsoon? Mahitha’s “Monsoon Must-Haves” might be a perfect fit for you.

For the tech geeks, Shashank presents his article ‘OnePlus Bullets Wireless Review

If you’re on a constant lookout for fiction, you would enjoy reading ‘Not Alone’ and ‘Our Last Summer Apart’ by Radhika and Vaishnavi respectively. Ramblings – A poem by Saba and ‘To The ‘You’inverse’ by Pratish may interest you too.

Hope you like the variety.





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